Error when copying jaws bonus videos

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Wizard34, Dec 3, 2017.

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    Today I was trying to copy my bonus stuff from my jaws blu ray and less than a second a transcoder error showed up. heres what the error said
    [ERROR ] [0x00000000008fff40] transcoder stop error: 0x80070490

    [ERROR ] [0x00000000008fff40] last reported error: 'transcoder error 0x80070490' (6)

    Error in processStreams

    I already sent my log to elby. I'll post it here too. I am using lossless on both audio and video. Copying videos to mkv. Using

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    I believe you selected "both PG and VOBSUB subtitles" there.
    I just checked - that feature is not ready yet and accidentally made its way into this beta prematurely (the selection should not be possible).
    Please decide for either PG or DVD style subs and all should be well.
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    Your right that was the problem. I Choosed dvd style subs and no error. Thanks for your help.