error Disney+ 99% downloaded and standing still the download

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Mirai, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Mirai

    Mirai Well-Known Member


    I got like this so plz help me

    I had tested 2 accounts and both got the same percent.

    I have now wasted 4 tookens on this movie
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

  3. Mirai

    Mirai Well-Known Member

    heres the log file

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  4. Mirai

    Mirai Well-Known Member

    Now I tested another movie as worked :O
  5. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    same here for episodes. It's inconsistent. We'll have to wait for the devs to look at the logs.
  6. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    @Ch3vr0n @Mirai The problems you both are referring to seem to be two distinct problems (they may have the same root, however). We're taking care of that.
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