Elby vs Slysoft

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by witboj, Jan 28, 2007.

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    its the same thing elby is affiliated with slysoft but i think its cheaper to buy bundled with slysoft
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    Because of where Slysoft is located it is not illegal to make or distribute clone cd as it is with elby...

    Eventually both clone DVD from both sites are the same. They do not how ever use the same registration codes, and just about every cd/dvd copy software on the planet is compatible with anydvd... Save a few and they will be found and patched eventually.

    Is Slysoft a new company from Elby?

    "No. We're a software company on the beautiful island Antigua. We have our own management and software development team. We purchased software from Elaborate Bytes and continue the development. Our relationship to Elby is purely business-based." (FAQ note)

    Most questions of this nature can be answered by reading there FAQ's @ http://www.slysoft.com/en/faq.html
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    Elabotate Bytes sold CloneCD to SlySoft for a while
  5. James

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    There is no difference.

    Yes and yes.

    Depends on the laws of your country. IMHO it is legal in most EU countries, but lucky for us, Elaborate Bytes AG didn't have the balls to fight this through. :D
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    OK, thank you.

    The last question is about registering code. I understand technically it works on Slysoft and Elby software but do I have permission to use it with Slysoft CloneDVD? Is it OK with the terms of the license?
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    Thank all for your help!
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    No, you have to buy it from us so I can get a salary raise next month! :D

    Jokes aside, of course it is okay. But if you feel better you can download from the Elaborate Bytes site (so they have to pay for the traffic :D ).
    Both download files are bit by bit identical. SlySoft CloneDVD *is* elby CloneDVD.
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    Thank you!
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    it would be a mistake to buy it from the direct company since slysoft.com gives you a bundle deal if you buy mutiple softwares from them