DVDshrink and AnyDVD compatiblity

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    I have been using an earlier version of Anydvd for some time now, however I recently upgraded to the latest version of anydvd. I am no longer able to use DVD shrink, my PC is only two years old and it has always worked fine. Also is it necessary to use CloneDVd. I have attempted to copy saw III too, and I am getting all kinds of error messages
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    dvd shrink isn't updated anymore so your better off with clonedvd 2 along with anydvd. but you should be able to use dvd shrink. have you tryed uninstalling and doing a CLEAN run(CCleaner) reinstall the program?

    the latest verison of anydvd ( will do SAWIII along with clonedvd 2. or try just doing the movie only thats how i did the movie . heres a guide too

  3. Charlie

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    While all the time in the past anydvd has worked well with dvd shrink you got to understand that dvd shrink is no longer supported nor updated. So the engineers of slysoft can only improve anydvd not dvd shrink. It was a good only needed program in the past but time marches on. Plus think about it you'll need a program to copy HD-DVD's and lord help us BD maybe but hope not on the BD.
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    I have been using dvd shrink for years. Recently, in the past two days I'm having problems backing up disks, says there is a cylindrical redundancy error. I know this is wrong, there is no flaws on these disks because the plastic comes off as my optic drive opens. So I decided to try anydvd. Worked fine with clonedvd. But overlapped I/O error. The problem I have is dvdshrink does flawless compression. Can't tell that its a copy unless you eject the disk. However I have backed up a disk with clonedvd, and I have to say that I am far from impressed. Video was choppy and pixelated. Audio sounded metallic at times. So I have gone back to using dvdshrink, Imgburn, and anydvd. Using anydvd to unlock the disk so that imgburn can backup without compression. After Imgburn is done, disable anydvd. Mount the ISO file ( my choice is virtual clone drive ) and now run dvdshrink as you normally would. Let it do its beautiful thing. This is a longer process but I gladly sacrifice time for quality. No offense to slysoft, but clonedvd falls well below par for my standards. But thank you for anydvd and virtual clone drive.
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    There's a faster way;
    If you right click the little fox on the tray, AnyDVD gives you an option to rip the video DVD to hard disk. If you do this you can then import that rip into DVDShrink via the "Open Files" button. And it works flawlessly. (don't rip to image!)

    You need to do this every time AnyDVD reports in the status that it "found and removed structural copy protections". (AnyDVD can't really remove them ALL until it does a rip for you) You can change a setting in AnyDVD to make the status window pop up for every disk - making it easier to tell what's what.

    You can also use CloneDVD as a "pre-ripper" to rip the Main Movie out - and then import that rip into DVDShrink for compression. And yes, like Kinkkalan - my only complaint with CloneDVD is that its compression abilities fall well short of what DVDShrink can do.
    This is not Slysoft's fault - Clone DVD is made by another company.


    PS: Funny you mentioned Saw III - It was the first disk to cause such a problem, leading to the creation of the built in ripper in AnyDVD to solve it.
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    It's sounds like a bad copy/bad media/burning too fast.
    CloneDVD2 doesn't alter the (selected) audio streams.
  7. RedFox 1

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    I believe that their will be numerous discounts soon for CloneDVD2 and all Slysoft products, Shrink is an old outdated program, using CloneDVD2 will solve your problems.
  8. crazycoot

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    Use all slysoft products if that dont work it must be the operator

    Buy Clone dvd it works the best instead of old free ware. That will heip you a lot. I have used many programs like shrink,nero recode (latest version), one click,etc. I do not understand why anyone use's anything other than slysoft. If you use anydvd clone dvd is what you need. If you have problems with shrink,nero,one-click,etc. Then brake-down and buy slysoft product's like Clone DVD and this should solve most problems. I've used & own many programs and slysoft came thru when others did'nt. They update there software frequently. I see user's having problems with even Clone dvd that I did'nt. If you have all slysoft software & have error's it must be operator error or conflict's in your system. Example: THORE I had no problem what-so-ever. SHISH!:bang: they go together like peanut-butter and jelly. Break down and buy clone dvd. I am not affiliated with slysoft, I'm just being honest. In my view there definetly #1.
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    For all newbies

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    Tried again with clonedvd. Started backup at 5:02am it is now 1:17pm and the disk is blank had to shutdown my computer cause the disk was locked up, couldn't eject from my optic. Checked the temp folder and still horrible quality. Burn speed was 8x, dvdshrink burns flawlessly for my system at 16x. I have burnt this same disk with dvdshrink in 37 minutes. When I checked clonedvd it said it was 100% done flushing buffers writing borders. I'm not sure if this is the way its done but if it takes a day to backup, I dont want it. And still the audio is metallic at times, typically during scenes when db peak. This was 8 hours and not finished, bad quality, destroyed blank media, and gave me a headache. Maybe i got a bad copy of clonedvd, maybe not either way when the trial expires so will my usage for it. Can't see buying a program that actually doesn't deliver. Compares to buying a pb and j on white and it tastes like ham and cheddar on rye.
  11. mimaro46

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    clone dvd not completing

    i have had this happen also. had to turn off computer, as drive tray would not open. bad media. replace and try again. I had a run of about 5-6 bad dl discs. slow your burning speed down to below disc maximum write speeds and you should be ok
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    Confirm what version of CloneDVD2 you are using.

    Are you using the latest version of AnyDVD
    It can be found here: http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=49993

    Provide an AnyDVD logfile with an original DVD you're having trouble with.
    See point 6.A. on how to do so here:

    Make sure your drive region code is set aswell.
    See point iv. on how to do so here:

    Also, have you read the CloneDVD2 stickies for more information?
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  13. kingkalan912

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    I am fine with the anyripper and dvdshrink. As for bd and hd dvdshrink will do this, you just need to customize you compression setting. So I say again thanks for anydvd and virtual clone drive and that beautiful old freeware dvdshrink 3.2
  14. Adbear

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    I'd love to know how you can say DVDshrink works with Blu-ray when it doesn't recognise the disc structure
  15. Clams

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    Make sure you only DL the latest version of CloneDVD2 from this very site - ONLY.
    There are imposters out there.
  16. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    DVDShrink will not deal with Blu-Ray. Past that it's a good old workhorse if used PROPERLY with AnyDVD.

    CloneDVD2 is a tool that can help use (or not use) Shrink as the situation warrents.

  17. Indyrod

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    DVD Shrink "out of memory" problem

    I'm going to raise this thread from the dead, instead of starting a new one. If I use DVD Shrink with an Anydvd DVD to HD backup rip, I sometimes get a DVD Shrink "out of memory" problem when the buffer gets too high with Shrink, when compressing the HD backup. I can usually get around this, by pausing Shrink, when the buffer gets too high, and then resume it a few times to keep the Shrink buffer size less than 300, until it finishes, which is usually pretty fast. I thought I read somewhere, that when doing what I am doing, you should disable ANYDVD, until Shrink is complete, and that will eliminate the memory problem from the buffer getting too large with Shrink. does this ring a bell with anybody, because I know I have read here on the forum, there are times ANYDVD should be disabled in some cases? thanks
  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No. Never disable AnyDVD. Either rip to folder first, or do yourself a favor and use CloneDVD2.
  19. Indyrod

    Indyrod Well-Known Member

    ok James, but I've read on other forums that had the same problem with DVD Shrink, with the memory problem. after a dvd had been ripped to disk, using AnyDvd. When shrinking the file, the memory problem went away, if they disabled AnyDvd, during the compress with Shrink. then enabled AnyDvd after the shrink. I'm not making this up. If you say that's not true, then ok, forget it.