DVD43 Just came out with V.4.0.0.

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    Yeah One question what protection schemes dose this freeware take care of?:confused: DVD wise of course not HD/BD
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    I saw this before. I cannot find a changelog. Maybe they have made it more stable.
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    Wow apparently Wrong...

    Found the Readme.txt on a website

    Arccos, .CSS and Region Code....

    Hey the author of it did mention you guys...


    16 Nov 2007 - 4.0.0

    - some titles on DVD did not get decrypted, this is fixed now!
    - faster reading on most DVDs

    22 May 2006 - 3.9.0

    - solve crash from bogus vobu
    - removed detection of bad sector for DVDs not matching region of DVD reader
    - only decryption done now

    1 April 2006 -

    - removed bad sector error correction

    1 Dec 2005 -

    - support for variations of arccos protection (stealth, Madagascar, xxx - the next level, slipstream, ...)

    16 Aug 2005 - 3.6.2

    - arccos code updated

    20 Jul 2005 - 3.6.1

    - arccos code updated

    01 May 2005 - 3.5.3

    - stability improvement

    18 Feb 2005 - 3.5.2

    - arccos improvement again. ( gothika support )

    17 Feb 2005 -

    BUGFIX: arccos support improved to avoid more false positives
    BEHAVIOUR: clicking on Close cross at the upper right corner of the DVD43 dialog no longer close DVD43, but just send it to tray.

    9 Feb 2005 -

    - Better arrccooss support.
    - Happy Chinese New Year from Captain Red.

    6 Fev 2005 -

    - arccccooooossss support.

    17 dec 2004 - 3.0.4
    - solved interference problems with CD/DVD recording software

    9 Dec 2004 - 3.0.3
    - Rewritten driver.
    - autorun delayed
    - new low level hooking, more application supported ( clonedvd2 .... )
    - fix issues with protected audio cd
    - 98/ME support removed

    14 May 2004 - - Supports playback of protected audio CDs
    25 Apr 2004 - - Doesn't need Patin-couffin installed on the system any longer. DVD43 is now pure standalone
    16 Mar 2004 - update, support for Win9x, Me
    04 Dec 2003 - Update, key cracking algorithm improved, requires less attackables sectors
    29 Oct 2003 - Update, fixed issues when removing/installing other products based on patin-couffin drivers
    08 Aug 2003 - 1st release


    DVD43 stands for DVD FOR FREE - well, it's an incredibly inaccurate name, but cool names are no longer available.

    DVD43 removes all copy protections from *MOST* VIDEO DVDs, decrypting data when necessary.

    Why most, and not all? Because, if you insert a DVD, which is incompatible with the regional setting of your drive,
    it is possible that some small title sets are not correctly decrypted. This is because the decryption key shall be
    guessed from the data, and it's only possible on some sectors. If no weakly encrypted sectors are present on a given
    title set, and if the DVD doesn't match drive's region, then this title set will not be decryptable.

    However, this is a RARE situation, in 99.99% of the cases, DVD43 will be able to decrypt the full DVD, no matter
    if the region code matches or not.

    The media will be seen as a prohibition-free dvd, and the device region will always be seen as compatible.


    Because - after 2 years - a free solution is still not available.

    If you want more features and/or pay for support: AnyDVD (www.slysoft.com), DVDIdle (www.dvdidle.com)


    Install, reboot. At startup, DVD43 will scan the drives, and goes into tray waiting to activate.
    Insert a video DVD, and it will activate after a few seconds. Remove the DVD, and it will deactivate.

    If you search something to set, there is nothing for you here.

    Each time a video DVD is inserted, DVD43 will detect the protection and the necessary steps to remove it (the process takes a few seconds - see below).
    As soon as the keys have been found and updated by DVD43, the DVD will be seen as unprotected to any Windows application.

    If the tray icon shows a
    - grey disappointed smiley: A support driver is missing - please reinstall
    - yellow disappointed smiley: DVD43 is ready, but there is no detected video DVD inserted
    - devil smiley: DVD43 has just detected a new Video DVD, and is searching the keys to use for decryption (may take up to 1 min.)
    - green smiley: at least one DVD video has been detected, and is unprotected by DVD43

    The effect stops as soon as the DVD43 tray application is closed.


    DVD43 provides support for

    * Software using Windows IO - WinDVD, DVDFab, DVD XPRESS, DVD2One, MSI DVD, CopyToDVD, ...

    * Software using ASPI IO - PowerDVD 5, ...

    * DVDs which match the region of the drive (BEST CHOICE)

    * DVDs which do not match the region of the drive
    This method takes more time, up to 1 minute (decryption keys may need to be brute-forced),
    can fail (if the title set is too small) and is hardware dependent (some drives will refuse to read).

    If you have the choice, always insert a video DVD into a device with a compatible region.

    DVD43 doesn't provide support for

    * DE-MACROVISION. It's a choice...

    * Software talking directly to port drivers (Pinnacle, BlindWrite in async mode, CloneDVD, ...)


    This software is free for use, for any purpose. Don't pay for it, and use it at your own risk.
    Please do not use this software for any malicious purpose. Don't break the law!


    -> Your name here <-

    2003-2004 Captain Red
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    No Arccos, RipGuard & Co., this was removed, probably to please 1-click.
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    So you saying its Virtually crap... LOL :D

    Just thought I'd find out... You'd think they would have mentioned it in the Build ReadMe.txt ...:doh:

    But why burn a bridge to build on styrofoam then tell the truth. It defeats the purpose of the even doing it right... LOL:D :agree:
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    DVD43 is basically crap. It's only redeeming quality is it's free. There is only one software, that I am aware of, that recommends using it and that software is almost as useless.
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    Oh, he/she/they did:

    - only decryption done now
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    That all it does is remove CSS. Thats it.
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    The only real form of encryption is CSS

    Most of these other bits and pieces that cause us problems are more "bad authoring" techniques that the movies houses use to screw the way your dvd backup software sees the disc (which is where AnyDVD comes into play (unless you use 1click)