Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices.

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    Is there a way to downgrade firmware if one doesn't have a motherboard that has an option to set the SATA controller as IDE?
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    Thanks Teddy for all the effort you put in this thread!!!!!!
    I just followed up your guide to downgrade my LG BD-RE_BH16NS55 to FW 1.02.(Windows-Version). It works great!

    @ all othes who wants to have an adapted Firmware

    It is not that hard to use a Hex-Editor and to do the change autonomously. I've never done that before too but the description of Teddy is idiotproof. I used the Tiny Hexer because I was not allowed to save with WINHEX. Download Tiny Hexer here: https://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=2504
    After some trials I found out that it is much easyer to open both firmwares (source and destination) and to syncronize the windows. Now you mark the lines with the numbers mentioned in Teddys guide in the source firmware (dumped firmware from your drive) and copie it to the clipboard. If the windows of both firmwares are propper syncronized, the lines in the windows of the destination firmware (a copy of the according firmware taken from clean firmware) are automatically marked as well.
    put the cursor to the first position of the first marked line in the window of the destination firmware and hit the Paste-Button. Now the content is transfered.
    After done this with all lines mentioned in Teddys guide save the copy e.g. as test.bin. It must have the same size as as the dumped firmware, othewise it will not work to write it back to the drive.
    Use this test.bin to transfer it to your drive with DosFlash32_BH16NS40.exe (in the Windows Version)
    Good luck!
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    I just wanted to let you know that the cross flash to the Asus BW-16D1HT_302 took and is recognized by all programs. Thank you so much for your help! I'm pretty psyched to have a functional and now faster UHD drive,
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    Thanks guys for your feedback.
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    Agreed - Great guide by Teddy. Never done this kind of thing before but this guide was really helpful. Thank you Teddy!!!
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    Hi Teddy,
    Can you mod my LG firmware with the Asus one, thanks

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    No, see post 396.

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  10. I downgraded my BH16NS40 with the clean firmware and ended up losing the calibration data. How do I restore this data to recover the drive, as it does not read disk and only opens the tray?
    I would like to send a firmware any BH16NS40 rev. NS50 I bought in 2014 with the data calibrated for me to revert the unit.
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    The only way I can think of is someone exporting their calibration data from the EXACT same model and you then import it and reflash the drive no guarantee that will work.

    There's a reason the guide says to BACKUP the existing firmware first.

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  12. Does anyone have a firmware of the 2014 model BH16NS40 or earlier with the calibration data? Because I lost the calibration data. This can be any version of the firmware.
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    I just know that member "tourist" has collected some firmwares, and he reported he could reanimate an LG drive with a dump from another unit (incl. UHD support, but with much luck!!)

    Post #359 from tourist, maybe he can help you (probably low chance): https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/dumping-downgrading-firmware-on-uhd-friendly-devices.74479/page-18

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    Sorry, but i have only NS50 dumps.
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    got this up for the W7 download.
  16. My recorder is BH16NS40 but it's in LG's flasher since when I bought it as a rev. NS50. I think an NS50 firmware will work with calibration data.
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    You think wrong. The flasher will detect the wrong model and simply refuse to flash. If the NS40 was the same as an NS50 it would be labelled NS50 from the start. Besides pretty sure the flasher doesn't contain calibration data. Your existing drive firmware does
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    I have WH16NS40 firmware from my OG drive with calibration data that I’ve flashed to two WH14NS40 drives. I ordered the wrong drives hence the WH 14 instead of 16, but they work perfectly. Would this help @Leandro Siqueira ?
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    @Leandro Siqueira
    As your drives' MFD is 2014 it's definately a NS40 model, sorry :(
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    I'd guess: Those WH16NS40 (SVC 40) and BH16NS40 (SVC 40) are principially the same.
    The "B..." could mean: plastic front in black color,
    "W..."= plastic front in white color.

    I'd have an BH16NS40 (SVC CODE: NS40), from August 2014. Maybe there's a way to dump its firmware with certain Dosflash version (don't know exactly which).
    Will Dosflash work? If yes which one? I could try out to dump firmare with Teddy's Dosflash 1.7 and with Dosflash version 2.0.
    Anyone an idea which program tool to choose if Dosflash version out there won't help ?
    What about "LG unlocked flasher", patched flasher? What about Devilsclaw's flasher in this case?
    As a last resort I could open the drive and try to find the EEPROM, and try to read it out with external EEPROM programmer/reader.

    Would there be issues with Bus encryption on standard Blu-rays (BD-ROM,BD-R/BD-RE -SL/DL) if he flashed the firmware of my unit (or ruggercb's) on his?
    Are those problems with not original DRV value just related to UHD drives? Does playing/ripping software care/make use of the drv value just with UHD-drives (at least with UHD discs) ?
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