Do I have to rip an entire movie just to take a snapshot in PDVD?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by mkanet, May 26, 2008.

  1. mkanet

    mkanet Well-Known Member

    This seems pretty ridiculous. Do I have to rip an entire movie just to take a snapshot of a movie in PDVD?

    There has to be an easier way.
  2. Ozzlander

    Ozzlander Well-Known Member

    You could just play the main m2ts file in PDVD direct from the disk, once anydvd has done its' thing
  3. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

    You should be able to take snapshots as soon as AnyDVDHD is present and running! Just play the disc and try doing snapshots.
  4. Ozzlander

    Ozzlander Well-Known Member

    PowerDVD prevents screencaps being made from blu-ray disks (when played as a blu-ray movie). If you play just the m2ts file itself, PDVD will allow screencaps.
  5. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

    Even with AnyDVDHD running? Anyways, thanks for the hint. Playing the file should do the trick. I thought I remember AnyDVDHD quasi 'reactivating' the screencap function, at least in an earlier PDVD version ...
  6. Tox

    Tox Well-Known Member

    pdvd won't play any hd dvd or bd without overlay mode of the graphics card to prevent digital copies. this is due to aacs licencing conditions. it could be that pdvd just forgets that this medium isn't protected anymore and categorically switches to overlay mode when playing such media. or it could be that aacs licencing conditions even apply for unprotected discs.
  7. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    I can't grab a screen from a m2ts file with PowerDVD 8.0.1622 (latest build). I can with 7.3. Maybe they wised up with version 8? With 8, the button is still activated, but if I try to capture to a file, I get "Capture failed.&Capture is not supported for this file." on the OSD. If I capture to clipboard, nothing happens.
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