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    Hello, I'm getting the following error when I try to download from Disney+

    "Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available or requires payment."

    I'm not having this issue with the Amazon, Netflix or HBOMax, just Disney+. I had this problem with Netflix before, but I logged off and logged back on and the error went away. I did the same with Disney+ and I'm still getting that same error.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Known issue. There's currently DRM issues across providers and titles that are being addressed. Current fixes didn't fix everything across all providers

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    Welcome to the forum Mr Extraordinaire:
    I think and I am not sure this error is different in different regions of the world. I have seen people say they can download some things and others say they get that error. So its really hit and miss, I get the error once in a while also.
  4. SCChi

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    I confirm it is a hit or miss. Scream series in AP: able to get scream 3 but unable to have the first two movies. Miss congeniality did not work one day, I restarted AS and it worked the day after. Matrix resurrections unable to retrieve it until today.
    I am using currently after installing and coming back to
    Can I explain it? No.
    Better not to think about it and try from time to time.
    And it becomes easier with the batch feature.
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