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  1. nc state

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    I tried to back up ice age movie and got the director comments with the movie playing in the backround. I wanted these for a trip in the car. I used anydvd and clone dvd. Thanks.
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    Are you saying that you didn't want the directors comments?? :confused:
  3. aabbccdd

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    nc state , when your backing up the movie UNCHECK the 2 channel audio. check the 5.1 or 6 channel audio instead. the 2 channel audio is where the directors comments are and sometimes the backups will default to that
  4. aabbccdd

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    what i posted will work perfectly

    or you can use your dvd remote and select the audio you want also
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    @ Whisperer,
    Very well done. :clap:
    Your post above was thorough and very informative, and you obviously spent a generous amount of your time posting it. Anyone taking the time to read it will leave with a better understanding of the backups they are creating.
    I agree that not everyone wants to eliminate the commentaries from their backups, but would rather have them function as they would with the original.
  6. Whisperer

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    Thanks dude! 8) The whole track selection thing is pretty easy but not initially intuitive to newer CloneDVD users or members who are used to a different software. And it's not a problem for most originals that are backed up. The problem often just doesn't crop up because of the nice way the DVD was mastered.


    Tell me you didn't hate starting out with a zero post count here!:(
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    Yes, but the way the questions are stacking up, the "Die Hard" status should come pretty quickly.:D
    Hopefully after a month or so, there will be enough meaningfull posts logged, that the search function will be of help to the members looking for answers to the simpler problems.
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    Directors comments

    When you suggest, UNCHECK the 2 channel audio. check the 5.1 or 6 channel audio instead. What if the only audio available is 2 channel, but listed twice. How do you determine which to de-select?

    Additionally, when I queried Slysoft, I was advise, "Go to the Preferences menu on the CloneDVD start screen and deactivate
    the checkbox next to "Enable auto-selection...".

    Deselect the director's comment on both sides before you start the
    reading process (configuration _and_ preferred settings). Preserve the
    menu, too."

    How does this fit with what you suggested? I tried their way, with no success. Ultimately used DVDFabDecrypter29 followed by DVD Shrink. Cppy worked, but took forever
  9. Webslinger

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    Read post #4 please in this thread. Thank you
  10. carolinamoons

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    Same problem

    I hade the exact same problem and all i did was uncheck the 2 channel audio and check the 6 channel audio and then it burnt perfectly!
  11. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    I'll also note that a few DVD "re-authoring" products (found in the third party forum) have a feature that allows you to keep more than one stream on the new DVD but "force" the one you select to play by default. This kind of replaces the menu function that does the same thing. To hear other streams you have to switch streams using your player software or the remote.

  12. Clams

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    For me the decision to shy away from DL media is based on 3 factors with price being a way distant 4th. The first factor is that I don't really want all the extra crap that comes on a DVD to begin with. I want the meat not the potatoes, ie I want the movie only. The second factor is that at least 50% of the "main movies only" *will* fit on a DVD5 with no compression and most of the rest of them will fit with less than 85% compression, which is negligable is you're using a good transcoder. The third factor is the fact that both the burning and playing of DL DVD's is more "error-critical" - in other words your burner and media needs to be operating closer to perfection to get a great DL copy - however most generic media and burners can at least pump out a decent 4X SL burn that'll play on just about anything.

    So, even cost aside, I'm a die-hard SL type dood. Movie only.

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  13. Webslinger

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    I can see the difference on a large screen even when using a decent encoder at 15% compression (I do have to be looking harder, but I can see the difference); so a transcoder is even worse (even if it is Recode or Shrink).

    And stating you want the main movie only has no bearing on this issue.
  14. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    I only meant the reference to the "main movie only" in terms of how much stuff to fit on a DVD - re using a DVD5 or a DVD9 - the point being that main movie only types (like me) are more lilely to be happy with a DVD5 than those trying to compress everything.

  15. funguy

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    So your saying I can backup a DL Movie onto two SL disks using CloneCD?

  16. Webslinger

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    No. Clonedvd2

    Use Verbatim +R DL only with Clonecd
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    Thank you so for the very helpful answers.
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  18. tivertonrose

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    I've been burning movies for a few years now and just bought CloneDvd2. I have AnyDvd also. I really like CloneDvd but it is different and I have a couple questions.
    I mostly burn movie only or movie and preserve menus. I burned some movies with clone and they played flawlessly, but I don't know what directors comments are. Is it all the credits at the end of the movie? When the audio shows a few selections, can I deselect those director's comments audios if I don't care about all that stuff at the end of a movie? Thanks. ~Rose
  19. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Director comments are a separate audio track with the director commenting on the main movie--while the main movie is playing.


    You can choose to remove director commentary. However, director commentary has nothing to do with credits.
  20. tivertonrose

    tivertonrose Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for answering. I will just uncheck that then, thanks again. ~Rose