Deinterlacing - shall i use ? + Some other questions...

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    Hey i am new to CloneDvdMobile...

    So i am having Ipod Classic 80,

    1]So frm selection list what shall i select -- Ipod Video OR Ipod Video 5. gen (hires) ?

    2]Deinterlace video material.... Shall i be using it - I am converting all DVD Movie files to ipod format... + How many phases is best to keep ?

    3] In video quality is it higher the bar better the quality of the video ? Also when i select any movie - i select highest quality frm bar & it shows around 2.45B, 2390Kbps.... BUT when it gets done and converted the file is only 910Mbs... ? How come tht...

    4] i dont get option for 320-x240.. i get only 320x180... is it normal?

    and lastly, it dont convert music videos etc.. as they are not in VOB files... which converter i can use for this ?
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    1. Ipod video

    2. No, unless it is a video source (TV shows). If by "phases" you mean passes, then one is enough for a hand-held device.

    3. Yes, but what's the point on a hand-held device? Select the lowest quality and then see if it makes a difference as you move up the scale (try ithem on one chapter of a movie).

    4. 320x180 is correct for a widescreen movie.

    Music videos are not DVD's so why would you expect CloneDvdMobile to convert those? Google for solutions.
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    Okay... POINT 3
    I still dont get tht when in the menu it says like 2.10Gb and when its done the file is 910Mb's.... ? Is everybody getting this much fluctuations ?
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    As the answer to #3: I wouldn't ever go over 1100kbps for the video bitrate. As a general rule for the iPod classic I use 2pass 1000-1100kbps and use maximum resolution as I generally use video-out on the ipod.