default on volume label...

when writing a dvd from existing data, anyone know where it decides to get it's defaulted volume label? It makes no sense to me. Mine defaults to the same title everytime...

Fallen Angel

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When writing existing data, (where you choose the DVD drive to use, right below it), there should be a small one line section that says: Volume Label: "VIDEO_DVD" <<<< That is a removeable title and can be changed to whatever you wish. I hope that helps. :)
I know I can change it, but I want it to be changed automatically...

here is the for instance...ok I backup'd several DVD's, but for some reason it defaults to Pirates of Carib's 3....everytime. It figures out automatically what I just copied to harddrive, so it knows my latest copy, but not sure why it assumes I want to keep the same ISO name...


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I completely agree. The defalut to copy a title seems to be the last one copied. This would prefer:

1) If copying a new title, have the option to use the DVD volume label. Even it is is just a button to copy it from the DVD.

2) When buring, use the original volume label or directory label if not available.