Create CloneDVDMobile files from ISO files.

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by 3595lover, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. 3595lover

    3595lover Member

    When I try to rip most of my movies for my new Creative Zen Vision M:

    cloneDVDMoble says it won't work with protected dvd movie discs.

    Is there a way to create the Vision M files from already ripped ISO's? I am in the process of converting my collection to iso's which I will store on a file server. However I want to have some of my movies on my 30gb zen.

    Can we talk slysoft into making this an option? This would be a great idea.

    Plus I've already got about 200 iso's from my collection done.

    All help taken.

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  2. Ronny

    Ronny New Member

    If you created an ISO from a protected DVD, you still have a protected DVD, it's just in a different form (file instead of physical).

    You need to get ANYDVD, or any of the free rippers out there (Like DVD Decrypter), and make the ISO an unprotected one.

    You could then use Slysoft's freeware app, Virtual CloneDrive to map that ISO to a drive letter, and then use CloneDVD Mobile to rip that "drive".

  3. 3595lover

    3595lover Member

    The ISO's are no longer encoded with encryption. I ripped them myself using various tools. Including anydvd & clonedvd. I purchased their complete set of products in december.

    But mobile says it won't do encrypted stuff. I didn't know that before I purchased it.

  4. d.chatten

    d.chatten Well-Known Member

    Have you tried mounting the ISO file on a virtual drive using something like VirtualCloneDrive from here >, then using CloneDVDmobile as normal.
  5. 3595lover

    3595lover Member

    Hi. What would I do after mounting it?

  6. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Run it with clonedvd mobile.
  7. 3595lover

    3595lover Member


    That worked. But shouldn't that be in clone dvd mobile? :mad:

    The option to work from an iso file is in clone dvd 2. :)

    Just wondering.
  8. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    If you make the ISO in clonedvd2 then mount it to a virtual drive then run clonedvd mobile it will be in mobile format. It's alot of steps but works too.
  9. 3595lover

    3595lover Member

    Do you mean it will automaticly show up in mobile format & nothing needs to be done?