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Copy Two disk game cd?..how

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by harsaphes, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. harsaphes

    harsaphes Member

    how do i copy two disks?...when i put the second disk in i get an overwrite alert?...ideas?
  2. hbirch

    hbirch New Member

    Just rename them

    As easy as that. You just rename the one of the images - or you could just let it overwrite - you have burnt dhe dist ,right ??
    Maybe better give your images a descriptive name for later use in a virtual drive. that saves you medias.
  3. harsaphes

    harsaphes Member

    Heres what i want to do...
    I have a game, on two cds, I want to copy them to the hard drive to play the game from..not to burn. No problem copying the first disk....when i put in the second disk, i get an over write alert...so...how do i get both disks in the folder so i can play the game?..without overriding the first copy?
  4. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Two Discs

    Wouldn't Disc1 need to be put in one folder and Disc2 in another? They both could be placed in a master folder, but I would think the program would be looking for a specific folder or disc name. That may be why you are getting the overwrite error, because you are trying to save data in one folder that was supposed to be spread across 2 discs.
  5. Danger

    Danger Well-Known Member

    You MUST give each one a unique name when copying: i.e. Age of Empires 3 [disc1], Age of Empires 3 [disc2].

    Now of course my example of AoE 3 does not need disc 2 to play, only to install it so my next question is does the game you want to play actually NEED that 2nd disc to play it?
  6. harsaphes

    harsaphes Member

    yes it does..sim city 4, deluxe edition.
    i can copy disk one no problem, disk two, no go, wont even copy.....ideas?
  7. Danger

    Danger Well-Known Member

    Here it is step by step, step 6 I think is what is giving you trouble:
    1) insert disc
    2) start cloneCD
    3) select "Read Image to file"
    4) select DRIVE with disc that is to be copied, click next
    5) select TYPE of data to be copied, click next

    6) change file name HERE, left hand side you have a button to browse to a folder of your choice where you want the image to be copied to, you can ALSO change the file name with this button, how?

    First I click on the browse button, I have browsed to the folder "Game Images" on my "D:\" and then created a new folder called "Simcity4" now I want to change the file name, in the browse window you will also see a box that has "disc1.ccd" and on the left of that "File Name:" I now change "disc1.ccd" to "Simcity4 [disc1].ccd" click "Save" and you will now see the following "D:\Game Images\Simcity4\Simcity4 [disc1].ccd" in the box at the top left of the CloneCD window

    7) click OK and the image will start copying.

    8.) insert disc 2, repeat steps 1-5, in step 6 change "Simcity4 [disc1].ccd" to "Simcity4 [disc2].ccd" do this for each disc you need to copy of same game.

    *NOTE* CloneCD keeps the last entered image name so that step 6 needs to be done each time you copy a disc, otherwise previous images will be overwritten, or you will at least be asked to overwrite them.