Copy DVD Stanley and Livingstone fails

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by fbacher, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. fbacher

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    I have a new Fox Cinema Archives Stanley and Livingstone (1939) DVD that I want to backup: The copy process fails very early. I copy by simply selecting the device folder and pasting to where I want it. If I do an image copy I get "Read Error Sectors: 4470-4499". DVDFab also fails to copy.

    I cleaned the pristine disc with a microfibre cloth, but it did not help. Attached is a Log.
    Running Windows 7. The disc plays fine on my Sony Blu-Ray player. Using a LG blu-ray r/w device with my PC.

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  2. mmdavis

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    It is a dvd-r with no protection at all so AnyDVD does not need to be running. I would EXIT AnyDVD and then try to copy. If it still fails, the disc is defective. AnyDVD's job is to remove protection. Sometimes, when there is no protection it does funny things.
  3. testiles

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    mmdavis I agree it's a good idea to test the situation with AnyDVD OFF, especially if the disc has no protection (-- even though Read errors almost always means bad disc).

    But to be fair, AnyDVD does a great job not intruding where it's not needed. I have probably watched 100's of adult movies over the year with AnyDVD running. Those movies never have protection. And I've never had AnyDVD do anything wonky to them.

    Has no problems when you mount a blank disc either and that's the epitome of "no protection".

    Just saying.

  4. mmdavis

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    I have, including some of my discs. No protection, AnyDVD goes off.
  5. testiles

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    By "goes off", you mean AnyDVD permanently shuts down when you mount an unprotected disc? Really?

    I've never seen that one.

    Closest to that I've seen is that when you mount a blank disc, AnyDVD temporary turns off for that drive.

    As it should because it doesn't do anything with blank discs.

    Ofc, as soon as a non-blank disc is mounted in the drive, it's back at work again.

    That's normal behavior.

    But with a non-blank disc that has no protection, I've never seen AnyDVD shut off.

    Because there are still things it could do like removing annoying clips and titles shorter than a certain time length.

    So that's a new one on me.