compatibility issue with Verbatim dvd-r and the Pioneer dvr-112d

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    Ever since the release of I have been having difficulty backing up my movies. I am getting pixilated video on playback regardless fo what media I am using. I am currently using Verbatim dvd-r with a pioneer dvr 112d with windows XP. This configuration worked great until the recent update. I have also tried to back up movies that worked in the past, but that did not work out either. I have just uninstalled the latest update and am trying out now.
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    AnyDVD does not have anything to do with pixilated DVDs. What are you using to compress them?
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    I am using CloneDVD2
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    That's not an issue with Anydvd. It's a compatibility issue with the Pioneer dvr-112d and Verbatim dvd-r blank media. Update your burner's firmware; and use Verbatim dvd+R instead. Visit this link

    The Plextor 810SA is a Pioneer DVR-212 rebadge (basically a Sata version of the 112). Not coincidently, that person also had problems with verbatim dvd-r blank media and that drive.

    Try Verbatim dvd+rs or try some Taiyo Yuden blank media
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    Also when burning, set your booktype to DVD-ROM. I'm not sure if CloneDVD2 does this but the amazing ImgBurn will. Only for +R media.