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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by squijello, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. squijello

    squijello New Member

    Is it at all possible to make CloneDVDmobile compatible with the Microsoft Zune? Right now it takes forever because I need to wait for the Zune program to convert the video files... thanks!
  2. squijello

    squijello New Member

    is this in the works?
    i am very happy with my slysoft products (anydvd, clonecd, and clonedvd) and i would like to purchase clonedvdmobile (i have brand loyalty) but only if it will support encoding for my zune... if not, it really takes way too long for the zune software to convert the files and it would be really great to allow me to have files ready for my zune without needing to convert the video files twice. Anyone know?
  3. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    as far as I know Zune support is in the works. I'm sure it's been commented on before by slysoft.
  4. twofer

    twofer Member

    I've seen it commented on a couple of times but never saw a time frame for when they were going to release it. I too am in sore need of WMV support. Hopefully someone from SlySoft will see this and maybe give us some insight.
  5. josh22

    josh22 Member

    Guys I have a zune and it plays mp4 format.What I do is convert my dvd's into h.264 psp mp4 and all works fine on my zune with no extra converting...:)

    try it...:)
  6. twofer

    twofer Member

    My problems lies not with the Zune (don't have one) but rather streaming to an Xbox 360. I think these guys could really expand their market share if they kick out WMV support.
  7. josh22

    josh22 Member

    no doubt...:)
  8. goomaan

    goomaan New Member

    I'ii try anything once.. Ok Twice

    I will let everyone know if it works.