CloneDVD2 Gold ???


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Jan 30, 2007
I believe the people at Elby should come up with a gold version of their CloneDVD2 and include often requested features seen on DVD Shrink such as ability to merge 2 DVD's together, ability to trim a DVD and not by whole chapters like CloneDVD2 and my favorite their slow high quality transcoder. I also believe most people would be willing to pay a reasonable amount say....
49$ - 59$ versus the standard version of 39$, because I'm sure I'm not the only person that hates to have to use more than one software to edit a DVD just like you want, and since all our repeated request for such features have fallen on deaf ears, us willing to pay them might finally get them for us.

Well thats what I think.....
Just add those features into the current version.

Yes, I agree; these features could just be added into the existing version. An actual upgrade fee would be more appropriate when CloneDVD is made HD compatible to go along with AnyDVD HD.

However, I don't think we're going to see these features added in while Slysoft is still busy working on AnyDVD HD. I too hope to see these features added into the program eventually, though.
the only thing i would trade for all options is a better conpressing engine 8)
i mean think about it if theirs an overall better conpressor for better quality what else can we ask for? or they can even add a custom control box for each title and lower/higher the quality and hit like a lock on each title so that way we can inprove the quality on movie and lower it on the extras,:clap: the same
goes with the languages i mean i know theirs diffrent perferably spoken langues but what if you dont like the secondary language that much? lower it and inprove the primary funtion that way you dont have to unselect it :clap: