CloneCD Tray not showing up


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Ok, this is weird. For some reason my CloneCD tray icon does not show up. It's running but it doesn't show up in the system tray. I've seen this before when WinXP is really busy on startup and half my icons are missing. I resolved all but this one by using a registry entry and also enable some UPnP & SSDP services.

Weird thing is that AnyDVD icon is just fine and never skips a beat. Right now the only way for me to use the CloneCD tray icon is to:
1. If auto-start is configured, kill the CloneCDTray.exe process and then re-launch it.
2. Don't configure it for auto-start and launch it when I need it.

SlySoft - Can you put in logic to re-display the icon in the system tray? If that's too much of a hack, can you enable the program to find a running instance of itself and then re-display itself in the system tray?


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CloneCD Tray

CloneCD Tray can easily be enabled after exit by going to start>all programs>slysoft>clonecd>clonecd tray. Easy.:agree: