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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by SkyLiner, Nov 24, 2017.

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    I'm interested in hearing from others if CloneBD is the best software for converting BD files (ISO/MP4/MKV) to smaller files (MP4 or MKV). I've been using CloneBD to convert my ISOs to H265 MKV files and I've enjoyed its ease of use and quality, but unfortunately CloneBD doesn't work with any other file type other than ISO as the source.

    I have a lot of movies that I ripped from original BD using AnyDVD together with CloneBD to uncompressed ISO. These movies range between 25GB-45GB. So, I've been converting many of these to smaller sizes using CloneBD and creating MKV files out of them that average out to 2.2GB and they look almost just as good as the original (except for a tiny bit of pixelation in the very black images or dark scenes).

    I have a batch of movies in uncompressed MKV format because a few months ago I was experimenting with the difference between ISO and MKV/MP4. Now I'm trying to convert these large MKV files down to small MKVs the same way I've done with my ISOs, but CloneBD will not support MKV or MP4 as the source file. So I've turned to Handbrake and Wondershare.

    While I really like the quality of completed Handbrake files, it takes a LONG time and it seems that half the time it won't make it to the end and it takes up to 3 attempts to get a successful conversion sometimes. So, what I'm doing is I have an uncompressed MKV file and I load it into Handbrake and set it to convert to MKV H265 at 3000mbps. This process takes between 8 hours and up to 20 hours for a single 2 hour movie. It's crazy the amount of time it takes (compared to CloneBD that takes about 2 hours to do the same thing using an ISO as the source). CloneBD only takes my computers about 25 minutes to make an H264 conversion, but the H265 files are slightly better quality which I can only notice in the dark scenes, so for me it's worth it that it takes 4 or 5 times longer to do H265.

    Today I tried Wondershare, but it doesn't have H265 support, so I created an MKV H264 and it only took 45 minutes. The quality is good, but there are no chapters, so the whole movie is a single chapter unlike Handbrake which creates chapters.

    In favor of Handbrake, when it does convert an uncompressed file down to MKV H265, even if it takes 20 hours, the quality is so good I can't see any difference between the original uncompressed file.

    If there are others who have walked down this road and have any suggestions or ideas for me, I'd really appreciate hearing from you and hearing how you all do your conversions and what software you use.

    Thank you!
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    CloneBD will likely get an extension for other file formats in the future.