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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by StoneyJSG, Dec 20, 2017.

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    I'm having an issue with the blu ray disc The Dark Tower using a BUFFALO UHD blu ray external USB 2.0 drive. Using CloneBD v1.1.7.0 and AnyDVD HD v8.2.1.0. CloneBD first told me it would take around an hour or so to rip. Then like 5 minutes later it says it's going to take 14 hours to copy the disc to my hard drive, doing a full disc dump with a down convert on the audio to AC3 to take care of the infected cinavia. CPU is 89% idle with CloneBD using 7% CPU power. Frame rate sticks at 3 or 4 fps and won't go any higher. No hardware acceleration is active. AnyDVD HD log file is attached. I tried to get a log file out of CloneBD, but there doesn't seem to be an option for it like there is on AnyDVD HD.

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  2. Pete

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    Sure there is - after a transcoding (or after an aborted one), there is a big fat button for creating a log file :)

    Anyway, I don't think, that will be required. From your description it seems to be a plain and normal bad disc with read errors slowing the drive down.
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    Ah, thanks Pete. I didn't catch the CloneBD log file button. So the disc is bad? It doesn't have a scratch on it though and it plays fine in my Blu Ray player. Manufacturer defect maybe?
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    The human eye can't see microscopic defects. An optical drive can ;) (and as such in turn CloneBD)
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    Ah ok, that makes sense. Well the disc finally ripped to my hard drive after 13 hours of disc reading. CloneBD said it was successful and when burned to a BD-R, it seems to play far away.