CloneBD & down-converting audio is extremely slow

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by DrinkLyeAndDie, Jun 19, 2019.

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    I believe someone may have brought this up before but I can't seem to locate it or I'm crazy. Either way I've run into the issue.

    v1.2.5.0 has been out for awhile now and I hadn't noticed any issues. Today I went to compress a disc and became rather confused. It normally takes 10-20 minutes to compress a BD-50 to BD-25 with my system and CloneBD. Today CloneBD is telling me it'll take 2.5 hours and is chugging along at a whopping 22 fps. I played around with the actual quality setting and it made no difference. 22 fps. If I drop back to beta then things changes significantly and we're looking at 15 minutes at 270 fps using highest quality.

    CUDA set to highest quality. Core i7 6700K and NVIDIA 2060 RTX. NVIDIA 430.86 WHQL (2019.05.27) drivers.

    Any thoughts?
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    Doing a BD-50 to BD-50 and just copying the main movie still left me at 22 fps during processing which doesn't make much sense. So, I focused on the audio since there have been some bigger changes in that department. Switching from having audio down-converted to keeping the original audio resolved the issue. BD-50 to BD-25 keeping the original audio shot up to 375+ fps compared to 22 fps when down-converting audio.
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    Hello ! I've also had some movies lately that are slowly being turned into MKV. I always put the films on a USB stick and convert the sound into DTS. Three films are only copied at 17-22 FPS. Most movies at 400 FPS.

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    Yes, that's the post I had thought I had seen but couldn't find again. Didn't remember the movie. And, yes, the disc I ran into this with is Captain Marvel.

    I'll post logs when I can. Possibly not until tomorrow.
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    @Reto AnyDVD logs from the disc and CloneBD logs for a complete BD-50 to BD-50 backup. Would it serve any purpose to do a BD-50 to BD-25 with down-converting and post those logs. Will it be of value?

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    1. Mounted protected ISO with VCD
    2. Decrypted on-the-fly with AnyDVD
    3. CloneBD BD-50 to BD-25 down-converted audio & movie-only backup. Only main English soundtrack retained. All English subs retained.
    Roughly 2.5 hours at roughly 21-22 fps. Give or take.

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