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    Download CloneBD here

    Note: the beta incorporates an enormous amount of rewrites and structural redesigns, so your beta testing input is very appreciated.
    It also comes with Ultra HD support, so whoever owns unencrypted UHD images/folders can try CloneBD on them.

    Software base UHD support is included, but of course not very fast, unless you make lossless copies (lossless UHD to MKV is included).

    Real speed requires an nVidia card (which still will be improved further in upcoming versions), here are the basic requirements:

    • compress UHD HDR to 8 bit MKV or MP4, full acceleration requires at least an nVidia GTX 9xx
      CloneBD will perform the required HDR to SDR and color space conversion
    • compress UHD HDR to 10 bit MKV, full acceleration requires at least an nVidia GTX1050 card (for HEVC Main 10 Level encoding with HDR)
    Full UHD disc copy is experimental.

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2017-11-24
    - Fix: bert would occasionally not resize properly
    - Fix: chpl atom in MP4 files
    - Fix: fragmented clips could be identified as bogus
    - Fix: implement new AMD hardware acceleration interface
    - Fix: Detection of TrueHD tracks
    - Fix: Frame rate of some video tracks incorrectly displayed in MKV header
    - Fix: more support for MPEG-2 video tracks
    - Fix: added further support for some Japanese Panasonic BD recorders
    - New: show accelerators used per codec for encoding on target page
    - New: support for Ultra HD
    - New: UHD to MKV/MP4 lossless
    - New: added support for HEVC 10 bit,
    BT.2020 color matrix
    HDR transfer characteristics
    2160p resolution
    - New: support UHD to MKV/MP4 (10 bit HDR or 8 bit SDR with color space
    conversion and luminance correction)
    - Improved: abort of converter thread aborts
    - Improved: snapshot gathering speed
    - Improved: enhanced clpi 3D sector layout detection
    - Improved: slightly faster AMD encoding (driver still limits the maximum rate
    to some arbitrary number, although the GPU is not maxed out)
    - Improved: shared memory handling
    - Change: MKV/MP4 omit additional title description in filename, if only a single
    file is produced
    - many minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.