Can't exit or Abort program and message about Drive Speed

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by CountryBumkin, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I'm trying to rip a copy of Oblivion. I had ripped this movie previously with CloneBD but somehow my computer deleted it - so I'm wanting to re-rip. So the disk is good. Also, I'm using the latest CloneBD 1.1.60 - I'm going to roll back one version (if I can) and try again.

    I got the ripping process started as normal - came back an hour later and this was the message - "Destination Drive is too slow" and shows "Conversion rate at 0 fps".
    I tried to Abort and the popup asked Yes/No - I choose Yes, but nothing happened. Screen was frozen. So I used Task Manger to end the process. Task Manger shows 322MB being used.

    I checked the drives (its a RAID 6 setup. No errors, plenty of space, so I tried the Rip again.

    Same message about Drive being too slow. I tried to Abort again, but had to use Task Manger to stop CloneBD.

    What should I check next?

    I have a Log from AnyDVD HD, but can't recall how to get a Log from CloneBD (or where it would be if it created automatically)

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  2. CountryBumkin

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    I don't have an older CloneBD version to test with. So I'll wait for some feedback/suggestions.
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    CountryBumkin Well-Known Member

    I was able to rip without issue with MakeMKV. it took 40 minutes. I could not rip with ConeBD (I tried both BD drives and go the same message I posted above). They would start out okay then after a few minutes stop completely with the "drive speed" message. Then I can't Abort either. I need to use Task Manger to close CloneBD program.
    If you can direct me to an earlier version of CloneBD, I can try again just to see if something in the newest version is the problem.
  4. CountryBumkin

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    Can someone remind me - what is the method to make a Clone BD log? I can't find any instruction in the Tutorials or Read-This-First threads.
    I think you hold down the "Alt" key then press Abort. But this is not doing anything. I would like to provide a complete set of logs.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    the ALT key trigger was removed. You simply abort the encode that then the log button will be visible. Task manager closing should create some form of a log / dump too. Perhaps @Pete can tell you where it's located.
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    I'm not getting to the "log button" popup because I have to manually end the program (it freezes on the Abort screen). If no one else is having any problems - then it must be something on my machine alone. I'll wait until my next pre-ordered BD movie arrives (Sept 19th I think) and try again then.
  7. Pete

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    You can simply open settings and click "show debug log". There is a "real time" log, that will be also visible when the program hangs.