Cannot verify blu-ray images I made.

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    Right now I am in process of ripping blu ray into image files. This is my current workflow. I have two blu ray writer drives.

    Ripping disc with one drive -> put the disc into other drive -> verify the created image file using imgburn.

    I did couple of discs, then I encountered a problem with imgburn giving out miscompare errors on very specific file: /BDMV/JAR/00000.jar.

    At first I thought the disc is defective, then I encountered same problem with the other discs.

    One interesting aspect is that if I verify the disc on the same drive that I used for ripping, imgburn does not give the errors.

    Is this 00000.jar special? I conjure it is something to do with the protection that AnyDVD changes the file. Is it related to the fact that the drive used has been changed?
  2. Lighthouse

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    Actually, I tried them again and I am always getting miscompare errors on 00000.jar files on both drives.
  3. Yarc

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    Just have one suggestion which you may already have thought of. Have you disabled AnyDVD before using imgburn by right clicking on the RedFox tray icon? AnyDVD can upset some operations of imgburn.
  4. Lighthouse

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    Hmmm, however, the problem is the disc is ripped with protections removed. If I disable AnyDVD when I verify disc, imgburn will surely notice that the image which has protections removed and the disc with protections intact.

    ....what I can do is rip the disc with protections intact then verify, completely disable AnyDVD in the process.

    How, I also noticed that the sector where 00000.jar file located is literally the outermost layer of the disc (basically I encounter the errors just before the verification is almost done, like 10 sec left). It may be the fact both drives can't read the outermost sector well.

    ...Or I guess discs can be also the culprit.
  5. Lighthouse

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    Actually, imgburn says it cannot read AACS protected disc, duh..
  6. James

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    Verifying won't work and is a waste of time, if - and only if - you use the AnyDVD ripper to rip.
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  7. Pete

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    The JAR files are signed. AnyDVD needs to sign them. Signatures require randomness. Therefore, the result will be slightly different every time.
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  8. Lighthouse

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    Yes, I suspected that was the case. Thank you for the explanation.

    Yes, I do use AnyDVD ripper to rip. You said it is waste of time. Does it mean that the ripper does verification?
  9. James

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    It does not do verification in the classic sense, but it does verify, that the data read from the drive are correct, and the data it is going to write to disc make sense.
    This covers the usual problem area, where the drive likes to read garbage.
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