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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by BK_Malik, Feb 21, 2007.

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    I received the update available window today and when I tried to update AnyDVD it froze when trying to load the program file and wouldn't finish the update. I tried saving the download but it would not run from my desktop, when I click run nothing happens. Same thing if I try to run from the download, when I click run nothing happens. Now I have no program and cannot install it. :doh: Help please:confused:
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    1) clear your browser cache
    2) delete the file you downloaded
    3) redownload
    4) hit ctrl+alt+delete. Look for "anydvd.exe" in your "processes" tab. Click on that Image name. Click "End process". Click "Yes". Click "end now" if you get an error message pop-up box. If you don't see anydvd.exe listed, then don't worry about this step.
    5) Keep your license key backed up somewhere safely. go to start-->all programs-->slysoft-->anydvd. Select "uninstall".
    6) reboot
    7) Install the file you downloaded in step 3.
    8 ) Reboot
    9) Install your license key

    If that doesn't work try steps 5-8 in Windows safe mode.
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    Another option to try

    If you are using Netscape you can have this problem. Try opening your
    ISP-minimizing it to the taskbar-open internet explorer-go to the Slysoft
    website and download your file.