cannot play First Men in the Moon

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  1. I am getting an error playing this new release from Indicator via cyberlink Powerdvd - "copy detected or rip tool is running if you are using a pc"

    The disc is region free and I have unticked "remove region code in Anydvd HD

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Remove region code has no impact here. This is classic screenpass protection @Pete will need to look at
  3. Thank you for your response.

    This disc is a stand alone re-release from the original Ray Harryhausen box set vol 2 which is now out of print.

  4. Pete

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    Thanks, can you please generate one more log file and post it?
  5. Posted, thanks.
  6. Pete

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    OK, now it's fixed.
  7. Great - thanks very much.