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    Problems backing up "Full Of It"

    Is anybody else having problems backing up this movie? It has the interactive player that starts to run when the disc is inserted and i"ve tries several different programs to back it up and they all either lock up or won't run at all? Any Help???
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    This is a known problem. Refer to the thread movies that won't work with Anydvd

    The disc contains protection that AnyDVD hasn't been updated to handle yet. The file system is intentionally corrupted. You'll have to wait for the next AnyDVD update.
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    just to let you know the movie flight of the living dead has the same protection on it. when I get a chance I will send the info.
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    I think maybe they should have better connections to get these troublesome movies quicker. It seems they are getting slower and slower to catch up. I don't know anyone that solely relies on ONE program to copy their DVDs. By the time Slysoft fixes the issue, a lot of people will have used another program and then it's already a done deal. Some loyalists prefer AnyDVD but right now the free DVDFab is much quicker getting a working version up and running when a movie like Blade pops up. Slysoft has some catching up to do (though I do applaud them for their work in staying compatible with DVD Shrink which is still my all time favorite program for authoring/compressing). I have nothing against Slysoft as I do own all their products (and don't regret purchasing them) and will use them if I need to. I just don't rely on it as my sole DVD copy program. It's just one of my tools and I will use whatever tool is necessary to get the job done when I want it done (of course I'm going to go with personal preference in the choice of the tool if all else is equal). Simple as that. The issue with Blade is over for me as I have purchased it, copied it, watched it, and stored it. In the meanwhile, AnyDVD still doesn't have an official working version up and running yet so this is just History now.
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    Ah yes, how quickly people forget all the times where the other rippers needed to be updated and AnyDVD DIDN'T. You do understand that the AI Scanner technology that they're working on isn't a simple bandaid, right? It takes time to develop something like that. When it's done, you will need far fewer, if any, updates to AnyDVD in the future when a new protection comes out. I'm not saying AnyDVD will never need to be updated, but, if the technology works like it's supposed to, it won't be needed to be updated for every little tweak they make to each protection. Give them time to perfect it. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait. In the meantime, if you really need to back up something that AnyDVD doesn't currently handle, you do have free solutions. But, in the end, the new version of AnyDVD that will be released eventually is going to be very very powerful. Shrink users especially will be very happy with it I think.
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    Since that seems to be directed at me (since you quoted my post), I haven't forgotten anything and don't see any relevance to my post. Then was then and now is now. As I indicated earlier, I have respect for Slysoft and don't doubt they are working to improve their product. That goes without saying as it's what all product manufacturers should be doing anyway.
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    The relevance to your post was the part where you said they're getting slower and slower to update. They're currently in the middle of a massive rewrite of AnyDVD. They only just received the disc a few days ago which is another problem in and of itself. While they could do an update for ONE disc, they've chosen to handle protections quite differently in the next version which will affect all discs, not just one. Yea, other software can do this disc and others that the current released version of AnyDVD can't do. None of those products offer on the fly decryption, however. And for us HTPC people, that's a huge difference. I understand your view and what you were trying to say, but, I think people need to have a little more patience.
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    We have totally just been spoiled when a new protection comes out slysoft used to just have an update for it within 24 hours. Trust me when we get a working update be it a beta or a release it will indeed be worth the wait.
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    Some phrases should be high-lighted from SamuriHL's post. Hopefully, I don't step on his toes. :)

    This, in itself is a monumental achievement. As it was AnyDVD rocked but when the rewrite is complete... Wow! People will be very happy and impressed.

    While some people will be unhappy with this decision, which is understandable, it should also be understood that looking at the big picture this is the better route to take, IMHO. Less work will need to be done later to handle newer methods of protections for the foreseeable future. Wait longer now for a far more powerful AnyDVD release. IMHO the wait is well worth it.

    For those people having problems playing a DVD on your standalone player because of the newer protections you have some other free options or, more importantly, you can return the disc to the place of purchase and tell them why. If enough discs get returned it could make a difference.

    Lastly, of course, this software is intended for backing up retail discs that we legally own. There should be no time limit on when the backup is made. In the meantime just keep the original under lock and key if you have clumsy friends or children who may have a tendency to damage discs.

    And this is where things truly are different between AnyDVD and other products. AnyDVD doesn't just need to overcome the protections like other competing products. The goal is to do it seamlessly and on-the-fly. This creates a larger obstacle for Slysoft to tackle and tackle it they will.

    This was a generalized statement. The simple fact is all us AnyDVD users have come to be spoiled with how well and quickly Slysoft has tackled protections in the past. It's not bad to admit we're spoiled.

    James and peer have repeatedly proven what great things they can accomplish. I'm sure we will all be amazed at the final results.

    Have faith.
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    I'm spoiled, and I'll admit it. :D
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    I agree we all are spoiled using AnyDvd, I used a Third Party Product for the first time last night, even if it was able to break the protection. I actually thought it was a lot of work compared to AnyDvd and CloneDVD. I have no doubt AnyDvd will fix the current problem and we all can be spoiled again. :)
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    How to burn Blade House of Chthon

    For those of you that are new to backing up DVDs here are the exact directions to backup Blade House of Chthon:
    Make sure you are on the most recent version of AnyDVD
    Right Click on the "Fox"
    Click on Rip Video DVD to "Harddisk"
    Follow your normal backup procedure at this point from the folder the Rip created.
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    Or own anydvd and clonedvd2 and it'll do it all in one step. :D :bowdown:
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    Blade-House of Chthon UK Region 2, With AnyDVD Shrink / Recode were now able to read directly from the source disc with this title.

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    Read from, yes, however, it will have problems with playback. Check out chapter 5 on the DVD Shrink'd copy and you'll see what I mean. Also, Recode was not able to open the disc for me. I got an error every time.
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    Yeah but they are talking about an Region 2 release of this disc. It even has a different DVD Volume name. The info they posted makes this look a lot different than Region 1. It actually looks like it has no real protection. It did take 61 seconds for AnyDVD to scan the disc which seems a bit long, IMHO, considering it shows up as having no real protection.
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    Yea, I didn't look at the log. In that case, the scanner isn't even needed so this is a non-issue.