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Batching & 2-Pass Encoding?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by musicalfruit, May 2, 2007.

  1. musicalfruit

    musicalfruit Member


    Just got an Archos 604 and was trying out various compression utilities. CloneDVD Mobile was highly recommended on another forum so I gave the demo a spin.

    Very easy and slick interface but I had a couple of questions about features that may be included in the retail version.

    1. Is there a way to batch process? I want to queue up several jobs and have them run overnight.

    2. Is there a 2-pass encoding option? I noticed that CloneDVD Mobile badly undersized one of the DVDs (targetsize was 1.4GB, resulting file was 1.2GB). Perhaps 2-pass encoding would result in better target sizing?

  2. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    Search the forum, 2-pass is the most-wanted feature for the next version of Mobile, which I don't believe will ever come. I agree the estimates are pretty far off, but 2-pass main advantage is higher quality.

    And batch processing sure would be nice too. I'm thinking of just using plain old mencoder on Linux and ditching Mobile.
  3. Scarpad

    Scarpad Well-Known Member

    Better quality and smaller file size.
  4. musicalfruit

    musicalfruit Member

    Better quality for a given bitrate/filesize since otherwise, you would just up the bitrate.

    In any event, after searching some more, I've decided to not use CloneDVD Mobile and switch to Handbrake instead since Handbrake gives you 2-pass encoding as well as almost exact file sizing.
  5. Skuzzle-butt

    Skuzzle-butt Active Member

    The 2 and 3 pass encoding is a great enhancement. I would also like to see a batch process option (there are several similar requests so I thought I would bump one of the existing threads)

    Typical work flow would be two steps: (1) Use the vob pass-through mode to copy 1 season's worth of a series to a disk work space, (2) Select the .vob files, pick the desired encoding options and let it run. Right now I'm using CloneDVD mobile (and AnyDVD) for step 1, but I have to use another program for step 2. (AutoGK)

    It takes less than an hour to copy the content of 5 DVDs to the drive as .vob files and then a couple minutes to setup and start the encoding. To use CloneDVD mobile for the whole process can take several days because I'm not at that computer at all times to swap disks when each one finishes. Batch processing would be an awesome addition!