Bad quality Verbatim double layer blanks (DVD+R DL) in the market

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  1. Pelvis Popcan

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    Just bought a spindle of 50 blank Verbatim double layer blanks (DVD+R DL). I purchased them from

    Playback freezes and skips badly between 30-60 minutes on multiple players, making the DVD's unwatchable. So far I would say about half of the discs purchased result in these bad burns. VERY unusual for Verbatim, more common for Ritek.

    This is the first time in years I have ever had a problem with Verbatim. I did burn at 4x; perhaps burning at 2.4x with these particular discs will produce better results, but I have always burned Verbatim +R DL discs at 4x in the past.

    I had some older stock of Verbatim DVD+R DL discs remaining. Burning with them at 4x does not have this problem, ruling out a dying drive.

    Here's as much data I can think of providing:

    Drive: Liteon LH-20A1H
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Burn Speed: 4x
    Firmware: LL0D
    Manufacturing Location: Singapore

    Diskspeed Quality Scan:



    Diskspeed Disk Info:


    DVD Identifier:

  2. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

  3. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Hmm, that's unfortunate. I've gone through tons of MIS and have never seen that before. Anyway, I recommend giving Verbatim a call and sending back the discs that failed. They typically will replace them and give you a few extras for your trouble.
  4. customshopkv1

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    Wow, interesting. Send them back.
  5. Will Yaknowme

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    I'm sorry, but can you interpret all this for us (me)? (graphs etc....)

  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Well, the quality score is pretty horrible (57), and the PI errors and failures are cringeworthy.

    If you want in-depth information, I suggest visiting the cdfreaks forum: click and asking questions. Also click

    Unless others here wish to help you understand, I simply don't have the time to start writing tutorials on how to read quality scans, PI errors, etc. My apologies

    But I'm sure some of the folks at Cdfreaks (in the forums I mentioned) will be happy to assist you.
  7. Will Yaknowme

    Will Yaknowme Well-Known Member

    Thanks WS. No problem.

    I was just about to notify the group that my order of Verbatim +R DL's disk were MIS (I was so happy). Other V-DL's I've ordered in the past were MII (from the same vendor).

    I'll look into it.



    SWOLETAN Active Member

    I've never had any luck with any verbatim disc unless I burn them at 4X, any faster and coasters (about 1/5 bad anyway). I usually use the -r verbatims though, at 28 cents each they're hard to pass up. Sonys work the best for me and I know....MAXELL is a close second... I have the most trouble out of some generics with the white label on them, glad they're finally gone.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    These are +R DLs, not single layer discs.

    That's because your drive/laptop is having problems. Verbatim is one of the best brands of blank media.

    Merely average, and definitely inferior to verbatim on average

    You should really watch out for Maxells that are not made in Japan; if they aren't made in Japan, you should avoid them

    This is what you should be using:

    CD-Rs = Maxell CD-R Pro (these are Taiyo Yudens with a protective coating), Verbatim Datalife Plus, Taiyo Yuden
    DVD±Rs = Maxell Broadcast Quality Series 8x (not regular junk Maxells you find everywhere), Verbatim 8x & 16x, Taiyo Yuden (not Valueline) 8x
    DVD+R DLs = Verbatim made in Singapore (not India), MAM-A 8x

    And generally avoid anything else
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    I heard some pretty bad things about meritline on the web about selling fake media and stuff I don't know if it applys here or not but I thought I should add this in is well known for selling great media & this is all I use
  11. Well-Known Member

    Very untrue and as said by webslinger you must have a problem with your computer because I have done lots of testing on many different DL media and verb. is the only media that has any logevity and that doesn't have layer break problems