Audio is not in Sync with video

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by nutpi, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. heapson

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    Appears to be fixed in CloneBD

    This issue has been resolved for me in CloneBD
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    Still Having Audio Sync Problems with Ver

    It's been awhile since I've used CloneBD because of the audio sync problems. Yesterday I updated to CloneBD ver 1.0.48 and tried it again (Rip and Burn) on The Last Airbender and the audio sync problem persists. Lately I've been using AnyDVD HD, which has been very stable to rip and Magic BLU-RAY Copy. I truly wish Slysoft would resolve this audio sync issue.

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    Same here for Seven and Mission Impossible GP failed to convert. Pretty poor software
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    its only been out a few months and actively being developped. It improved a lot since then. However you're always free to use a different tool or make your own :)
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    How can you say make your own software or use other tools, customers have paid for this it should work, how would you feel when you buy a car and it did not work ?? when you paid good money!!!

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    Simple, I don't work for slysoft and its the truth. It's also been said (and available through the search), that the next version will use the encoding engine used in CloneBD. Since they're still working on CloneBD and the engine it's going to take time.

    So yes, use a different tool, make your own or use an older version. The last official release is a bit slower and may not work with all new titles, but in that case the newer beta works then.

    The choice is yours to make.

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    I keep hoping that the video/audio sync issues eventually get fixed. CloneBD has a nice GUI and is easy and fast to use. I try CloneBD every time a new version comes out, but due to the continued sync issues, so far I keep going back to using BDRB. I have had a lifetime subscription for AnyDvd for 11 years, and I think it is a wonderful product and the support is even better. So when CloneBD gets fixed I will definitely be a lifetime subscriber for it also.