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Nov 8, 2013
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Note: this version comes with an entirely new browser engine. The changes are substantial and we expect that there will be a number of issues that we haven't seen during testing.
Rest assured, that they are worth it!
Please try it out and give us feedback - good or bad. Keep your older version in reach, in case you run into insurmountable problems (or have the patience to let us fix them for you).
Also note that you will have to log into Amazon Prime again with the new version, because the old session cache will be deleted, as it is not compatible.

Changelog AnyStream 2021-10-22

  • Major change: entirely new browser engine. Much, much faster, this will be mostly of significance for Prime users.
    note: as a byproduct, this should fix an HBO-login problem for some countries outside the US.
  • New: display remaining download quota in the status bar
  • Fix: possible fix for search problems with HBO (may not help, though)
  • New: Provider tabs have close buttons now
  • Fix: Amazon crash on certain titles/episodes.
  • many minor and medium changes and fixes, resolved application crashes
  • updated languages 2021-10-15
  • Fix: slight format change in the HBO protocol caused "playlist not found" error
  • Fix: Erroneous interpretation of audio track id (Amazon)
  • Fix: subtitles at the very end of a movie (last few seconds) could sometimes be missing
  • Changed: store audio codec choices for better automatic preselection
  • Improved: (Netflix) don't show extended synopsis in tooltips, if it matches the regular synopsis
  • Fix (regression): PNG subtitles (Netflix Asian languages) were accidentally saved as srt (PNG subs can ONLY be stored as embedded subtitles)
  • many minor changes and fixes
  • updated languages