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    Download 64bit:

    Download 32bit: beta 2021-07-05
    • fix: Hanging upon DRM certificate retrieval error.
    • improved: language names representation
    • imprived: Hulu show all entries per category
    • fix: Hulu, some shows were incorrectly labeled as not available
    • some minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-07-02

    • fix: possible crash in Hulu-search
    • fix: revert to HTTP/1.1 for Disney and Hulu due to a bug in the HTTP/2 Qt network implementation beta 2021-07-02

    • new provider: Hulu
    • fix: Audio language representation issues.
    • new: Add per provider proxy settings (can be used to access different countries)
    • fix: Unusually long title names are now cut to 240 characters.
    • fix: Handling of languages in the download configuration dialogs.
    • quite a lot of minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-06-11
    • improved: logging added for Disney to solve occasional login problems
    • workaround: optimized retry handling - less stalling due to timeouts
    • fix: Amazon SRT timestamp problem
    • several minor changes and fixes beta 2021-06-07
    • potential fix: switching from OpenSSL to Windows internal SSL api due to occasional SSL handshake errors with Netflix
    • fix: possible hang on startup during initialization
    • several network related modifications
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.