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    I didn't see any others post about this issue yet so I thought I would mention it. After updating to I started having an issue when downloading episodes from D+. Currently doing SW: The Clone Wars season 5 and sometimes after I select the episode and video/audio selection, AS will have a spinning circle mouse pointer for a few seconds and then an initialization error. It creates a log file and a 0-length mp4 file for the episode name. If I select the episode a 2nd time then it downloads correctly.

    Log attached after getting the error on one episode.

    Thanks for all of your efforts!

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    That’s a new one. The developers will look at your log find out what the issue is. Thank you

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    01:34:21.493 - [Warning] [vendor:disney] License request generation has failed producing an empty request. This may mean that you have exceeded your quota.

    Bucket empty?

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    Hmmm. That sound like a logical evaluation although I would have expected to see a more specific error regarding a quota limit being hit since that's an internal program limit and not a provider limit? Or are you referring to a provider quota and not the AS quota? I am licensed for AS so unless the AS quota resets for each client update/install I wouldn't expect to have reached the AS limit with the one series. I don't download much other than when I decided to grab The Clone Wars series. I have 108 episodes downloaded over a 3 day period. Each episode is only about 20 minutes full runtime and takes about 5 minutes to download using the 4x speed throttle. Since I was able to download after immediately retrying the episode, perhaps a single retry could have resolved the empty request? Or maybe a more descripting error popup regarding possibly hitting a provider quota/threshold? Just thinking through my keyboard there. hehe

    If the AS limit increases by 1 about every 36 minutes then it's odd when I immediately retry the episode download it works but that would lean more toward a provider limit/issue I would guess. Maybe it could also just be a timing issue in getting the response or their service was busy at the time of the request? Or as mentioned a provider imposed quota. So far today on season 6 I have not seen the issue but the quota should have also increased overnight if that's the cause. There's only 7 seasons so I should be done with my flurry of "binge watching" the series soon. ;-) Thank you. I hope everyone has a great day!

    Edit: Along with some other discussions regarding AS being sensitive to network conditions this may be related. I don't use a VPN or anything but last night when I was having this issue I was doing a cloud sync from my NAS (limited to about 2/3 my upload bandwidth) and on a Skype video call. I have QOS on the router and my NAS is set to lowest priority. However, after starting up the NAS cloud sync this morning I was able to get the same initialization error with the reference to the empty license request. I stopped the NAS cloud sync and so far no error. I guess a retry attempt on the request would probably avoid the error condition in this specific case, or I just can't do anything else on my internet connection with using AS? ;-) I have 1Gbps download but only about 35-40Mbps upload.

    Update 2: I finished off the final season with the NAS cloud sync running but also had the AS "Show log messages" enabled and did not have the issue again. It could be a coincidence or maybe the extra time updating the GUI in-between the provider calls may have helped? Just thought I'd mention that extra info in case it helps from the development side of things. :)
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