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    I have link deleted, please no ads The drive I am using is a UHD-friendly LG model WH16NS40 with firmware version 1.02 [plagued with the sleep bug]. All of my DVD discs are recognised flawlessly except for this one. It sounds as though the LASER attempts to read it for thirty seconds approximately and ceases to try. None of my discs, including this one presumably, are damaged. However, I will enquire to a sighted person about the state of the underside. I did clean this with natural soap and cool water twice to no avail. Moreover, I ensured the drive was passed through directly to the virtual machine which matters not pertinent to AnyDVD HD – also to no avail.

    Does anyone have this 2006 pressing of the film and the exact drive with the exact build of firmware? If so, I am interested to know if your copy works in that drive. The log file is attached to this post. However, the drive was not empty; it fails to recognize the disc.

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    According to the log, the drive is giving a sense code of:
    which means "MEDIUM NOT PRESENT". So either the drive or disc is defective. Does the disc work in any other drive with/without AnyDVD running? Do you have a DVD drive you could try it in that may be more forgiving?
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    I have two of the same make and model of drive loaded with the same build of firmware and this disc does not work in either of them. In fact, the drives fail to read it when the virtual machine is shut down. Trays eject after twenty seconds approximately. The drives are most certainly not defective. Can a DVD disc appear to be devoid of scratches and other damage but be defective withal?
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    Yes it can.
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    Monday 17 February 2019, a trusted sighted person examined the underside of the disc and informed me thusly it looked ‘filmy’. I knew not why because I thought it was clean. I busted out my , and he assisted me with using the proper polishing compound on the proper buffing wheels [I labelled everything in braille afterwards to alleviate assistance in future]. Two rounds of twenty seconds each of buffing then circular wipe with an anti-static spray cleaner [which coated it protectively] and cleaning cloth made both drives recognise the disc.

    The disc was not defective; it was simply dirty. Soap does not work. Get the . In fact, another disc I had came with a deep scratch from the factory, and the JFJ Easy Pro eliminated all errors of reading. Now I can copy the entire HBO series of Six Feet Deep using AnyDVD HD.
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    Sounds like advertisement.
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    No, just my style of expression and personal experience. I was about to purchase the disc again until I tried this.
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    If you post anymore links to the product you are selling I will kindly ask you to leave.
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    I am selling nothing. My point was to ask for assistance about the disc in question because it did not work in my drives. After I was told in may be defective – a valid point, I realised one more path of recourse besides to purchase the disc again. That post was a conclusion to the situation. That is all.