AnyDVD region protection using virtual machine?

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    If I use AnyDVD in a virtual virtual machine (Vmware workstation).

    Now is when I change regions in the DVD / Blu-Ray does it disable region protection on my host machine.

    So that means if I change disks between multiple regions and not region lock my blu ray drive.


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    I don't exactly understand what you are trying to say but AnyDVD is there to bypass the protection of your discs, including region lock. Only make sure to set the region if your drive is Region 0 (not set!) and you have problems. Exit AnyDVD before doing that.
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    This is the BD section, just for clarity drive region only affects DVD's. Not BD's
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    It's good pratice to set the DVD region in general. Now we won't get picky in which section it's posted.
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