anydvd not working with matshita UJ-842D drive

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    hello all... i am a loss as to how to make my driver read multiple regions of dvd. i had a different laptop previously and anydvd worked really with it. now i have a sony viao with a matshita UJ-842D dvd driver and it is currently set to region 1. i have installed anydvd on my computer but when i insert a dvd not of region 1, anydvd givs me an error message as folows:

    Your drive region is locked to rpc2 drive, which does not allow reading of scrambled sectors from a different region and you try to read a dvd from a different region. Known drives having this problem are RICOH/PHILLIPS DVD writers and MATSHITA/PANASONIC DVD readers and writers. you can try to find an rpc1 patched firmware at

    i went to the indicated url but it turned out to be s forum and i couldn't quite manage to get the information that i wanted.

    could someone please help me with this problem? i only want to be able to play different regions of dvd on my computer, however that may be possible. please!!!
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    Sorry man, you're out of luck.
    I checked for you and found out two things.
    The first is that your particular model isn't listed.
    The second; even those similar models that are listed have no region free firmware to flash with.
    It's a "no go" across the board.

    I remember Matshita drives as being a problem and you can probably do a search of this forum, as well as, to get the full story.
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    Plus you bought a Sony laptop, that was the first mistake, use it for an anchor and buy something decent. 8)
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    Matshita drives are famous for there unreliability but Sony really likes using them. :confused:
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    and could you suggest something that is "decent"? :)
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    Thank you for your replies... i understand that i am out of luck! how can i fix this problem? do i have to buy a new computer or can i change the matshita driver for something else? how can i do this if it comes to that?

    i also read webslinger's post which includes the information from cdfreaks about uninstalling the busmaster IDE driver. should i do this? it won't mess up anything else on my "anchor"? :) (yes, i'm not your regular computer wizz!) i checked my system file and i have 2 intel drives. should i uninstall both of them?

    some more help, please?
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  8. James

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    You can connect an external drive to your laptop. Just make sure, it is no Panasonic (Matsushita) drive.