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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by vstar, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. vstar

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    Wanted to purchase AnyDVD lifetime license with discount. Completed process and click to order, received a failed 66 notice and an email from Redfox shop. They said to contact bank for credit card and if they don't have a charge (which they didn't) then try to order again. Went back to RedFox site to order again, when I choose Anydvd only and click on next, got that same failed 66 error right away. Wouldn't even bring me to next step so I could try a different card. Any ideas??
  2. mmdavis

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    Did you clear your cache on the browser? Clear the cache or use a different browser.
  3. vstar

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    Thanks. Took your suggestion. Used Google Chrome and completed process. Got a notice when I clicked on order, "Finished" that "Payment in progress". I guess it didn't go thru automatic, so the notice says in queue for manual processing. Guess IE 11 still has glitches. Thanks again.
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    Maybe @Ivan or @Jill can help you out with the manual processing.
  5. Ivan

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  6. vstar

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    Thanks Ivan. I'll try those links you suggested. Buy the way, after using Chrome it stated Payment in progress for manual processing. About 5 hours later, received email that it also failed. Called bank and no charges from China in past 24 hours. I'll see how your links do. Only payment method I have is Visa and MasterCard. Wished they used PayPal....
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    PayPal is never going to happen. THEY don't want to do business with projects like RedFox.

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    Ivan, just tried those links. Lets see what happens. Thanks.