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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by troybal, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. gijoe

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    CloneDVD and AnyDVD have been doing the movie "only" opition since Saw3's release.
  2. Babydollanne

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    Did you have to use both? Clone and Any DVD? I used anydvd and it wouldn't do it.
  3. gijoe

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    I did. It might be a good idea to jump over the the Saw 3 thread and discuss this topic over there.
  4. briski50

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    Any DVD Clone DVD

    Agreed, this software is really easy to use and so far, I have had no failures. However, this is at a price. I paid $58 for these two programs and this is only for a year's licence. Expensive! I used to use DVD decrypter with DVD Shrink. These were both free and work with 80% of my copies. When they didn't work though they were very frustrating to use, so I suppose the $58 is good value to keep my sanity. One thing I don't understand though is the author of DVD decrypter had to stop trading due to legal pressure from the Movie makers. How come they haven't also come after Slysoft? ....briski50
  5. longwall

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    I'll add my congrats here too.

    Excellent set of s/w with such frequent updates.

    Keep up the good work.
  6. andy_mitchelluk

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    Seeing as this is a new forum, I have a horrible confession to make! I used to use a cracked copy of AnyDVD and you know what made me go and buy it? It really is the best DVD cracker I have ever seen. I no longer have to sit and wait through all the warning menus on my PC which, in itself is one hell of a reason to get AnyDVD. I wouldn't normally say this but if you aren't genuine, GET GENUINE with this program!

    After only a month of using my first ever download I had several updates which gave me 3 choices.

    1. Ignore them and have a program that was way out of date within 2 weeks,
    2. Find another up-to-date cracked version or (the easiest way)
    3. Part with some of my hard earned cash for a program that lasts forever and is updated with every new protection that the guys crack!

    My sincere apologies to the SlySoft team. Don't sue me! I'm Sorry!

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  7. Tassle

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    I've been using AnyDvd and CloneDvD for over two years now. It really is the best and congratulations on the forum guys!:D
  8. Rusty

    Rusty New Member

    AnyDVD + CloneDVD = Money well spent! Can't say it any better than that!

    Keep-up the great work! The more updates the better!

    Looking forward to many years of satisfaction! Congrats on your new forum!

  9. akiti

    akiti New Member

    The Best

    I purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD a few months back and have never regretted it, absolutely the best there is............. period.
  10. lonewolf2873

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    By far the best money I have ever spent. It truely is the best program set for all your copying needs. I also have to say that the fact I only get email with updates and the opening of this forum, NO SPAMMING. That is worth the money I spent for the programs! Simply unbelievable product.:clap:

  11. gijoe

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    1. I didn't know these were annual programs, I've been using them several years without an annual fee required.

    2. The big eye in the sky can only get you if he can find you. (It depends where in the world your located, some places are legal, some aren't.)
  12. orionje

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    Any DVD and Clone DVD 2

    I also have had Any DVD and Clone DVD2 for less than a year. Its GREAT
    easy to use and I've used alot of other products and none match up
  13. wtcamb

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    The absolutely best 2 programs available.