AnyDVD and CloneDVD


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Jan 28, 2007
I purchased these together several months ago and I have to say that these products are the best anywhere. I have used many different combinations of software to copy DVDs, burn DVDs etc.. and nothing compares to these two products. Not only do they do a good job in the software itself but the updates are very frequent and keep up with todays changing technology.
I want to personally thank ALL the staff at SlySoft for making this software so easy to use and one that ACTUALLY WORKS!

One True FAN!:D

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Thanks for the Forums!
I just got the bundle clonedvd2,anydvd and clonecd,i havent tried clonecd but the other 2 programs are awsome. Go get them!!!!!
I agree. This combination of programs is very usefull. Also very easy might I add. Pretty much a few simple clicks for anyone who just wants to get the movie off of a disc.
I have only purchased AnyDVD, and I must say it is the best thing I have seen. I believe their other products would be equaly good, but I am using a different product that I am familiar with, and AnyDVD works well with it.


I purchased a bundle when I need to rescue some DVDs damaged by the kids!;)
will never let you down

I've been in on this for over a year and slyfox has never let me down.Both any dvd and cloner.
Clone has always been the best!

I have used Clone for over 8-9 years, it has always left the others in the dust.
I use to play with the skins, they were fun but just looks, the guts have always worked great.

Thanks for keeping this stuff going, even if it couldn't live closer to the US.

!Clone Rules! Always has/Always will
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i been using anydvd & clonedvd since 2005 & i only bought anydvd but plan on buying clonedvd soon
Excellent Product

Excellent Product and excellent updates and good contact via Email for the updates.No unnecesarry spamming or Emails.

Grat Product and Service, Keep it up:bowdown: :clap:
:agree: I'm in full agreement with the rest of you sucks: SlySoft's apps are really cool. :agree: :bowdown:
agreed.. its the best CD/DVD tools i've ever put my money in :agree:

way to go SlySoft (and also a liltle salute for ElBy ;) )
Hi everyone.

I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2 and I'll repeat what everyone else has said and say that these are superb apps.

AnyDVD is by far the most updated program on my PC and it just shows Slysoft's commitment to its products and its customers.

Keep up the good work!
100% Reliable

Absolutely excellent programs, AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. I will never us anything else
I totally agree, your product & support ROCKS!!!

Best product.

If I may... Just one suggestion:
Would it be very complicated to add a "check box" to "Verify" after burning with CloneDVD2? (Like the old DVDdecrypter has).

Not something that compares the data, just something that reads what was just written and check for errors or unreadable sectors...

Thanks and keep up the great work.

cloneDVD and Any DVD, Clone CD

have been using these products for years and have to say, the best products and service I have ever encountered on the internet.

you lead where others try to follow... :agree: