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Any DVD HD and hdmi capture cards

Try it , it just might work, then you will know for sure.:clap:
Without having any equipment to try this on, I can still fairly certainly answer a resounding NO on this one. AnyDVD HD won't touch the output from the stand alone player. The output over HDMI from that player will be encrypted. Now, that being said, if you had a fast enough machine with a video card that had HDMI output connected to this HDMI capture card of yours, you could probably do what you're looking for that way. AnyDVD HD would remove the HDCP crap from your player's output(say, PowerDVD Ultra) thus allowing you to capture it. Again, this is all a theory and I doubt seriously whether anyone's tried it.
I'm 99.9% certain that wouldn't work. AnyDVD HD would be unable to do anything about AACS and HDCP in that scenario. You might have better chance with two PCs, one running an HD DVD with AnyDVD HD, and a second one equipped with an HDMI capture card... but neither scenario makes no sense at all anyway.
I'd like to be able to do this from the hdmi output on my dvr cable box. SlyDudes and SlyBabes why don't you get this card and find out if it's possible. It would be a great idea for a new product.
I own a BlackMagic Intensity capture card and I was trying to capture game footage from my PS3. I download the trail version of ANY dvd HD and it all only played (copied) the black screen...Oddly HDCP is active even on games and active on all display settings of the main menu 480i, 480p, 780i, 780p, 1080i, 1080p... I am presuming if it is coming out of the HDMI slot on the PS3 then HDCP (black screen of death?) is public enemy number one.


we need a hero...HELP ANY DVD!
All PS3 output thru HDMI is encrypted, even games, you have to have a developers one with the special firmware to allow it to output without protection.
Also it's not possible to output from your PC's HDMI output into a HDMI capture card on the same machine.
AnydvdHD will not take off the protection from an external source as you're capturing in on one of these cards(tested it it dosn't work, not that I expected it to)
I want to go from my DishNetwork HD reciever into my PC via an HDMi card (http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity/software/) and use my PC as a PVR.

If I buy ANYDVD HD will is remove that protection?

If it does I'l order my HDMi card and a copy of ANyDVD tomorrow.


I use a $20 capture card with my dishnetwork receiver-and have it hooked up with a coaxial cable. I can record anything I want; however, the recevier that is hooked up to my capture card is not an HD receiver. Also, anydvd has nothing to do with any of this.
Just wondering if anybody has tried this scenario out yet?

i think someone tried it over at AVS not to long ago all i remember is they got very large files like over 900gigs of an hour of footage i dont remember if the content was protected or not
AnyDVD HD does not do decryption of HDCP, but rather it makes it so that software players think they don't need to have HDCP running in order to output over a digital display. With AnyDVD HD running, all the software player sees is unencrypted HD DVD or Blu Ray files, and so far they do not insist on HDCP to be used for a digital output. It is not the case that they run HDCP anyway, and AnyDVD just breaks it. This would probably require a heck of a lot more CPU power to do, since that is a lot of data that would need to be unscrambled. An HDCP video card will have a dedicated chip on it to do the HDCP encryption, but to then intercept that and decrypt it again before it leaves your computer would be pretty hard to do, if not impossible.

So, short answer: No, AnyDVD doesn't not decrypt HDCP on your computer or from anywhere else, so this won't work.

Your only hope is to find some sort of HDCP stripping device, and then try to capture with the HDMI card. This I'm sure will get very expensive very quickly. And HDCP stripper will be illegal (so not easy to find) and HDCP has revocation too, so no guarantee it will work forever. Then you need the HDMI capture card, also pretty expensive last time I checked. Finally, you'll need massive amounts of HDD space to store all this uncompressed HD video. I dealt with uncompressed video before (no bigger than 720x480) and it was very demanding at the time. I cannot even imagine what kind of RAID array would be needed for HDMI capture... :bowdown:
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