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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Charlie, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. fivestones

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    That one was for HD and i didnt read it befor i got it so as you said it was not wroth the hassle LoL.
  2. mmdavis

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    The AnyDVD update was for EVERYONE, and yes you need to get every update they put out. It has the DVD and DVD-HD program. If you do not have the AnyDVD-HD key, the AnyDVD-HD portion will not work, but the regular AnyDVD will.
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  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    So, really, if you have any problems and haven't updated... you can't be sure a problem wasn't resolved simply because you decided to not update, can you? :p

    But... updating is an individual's prerogative.
  4. fivestones

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    Yes it is Thanks.:bowdown:
  5. ocostich

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    And sometimes an update screws things up. I installed and CloneDVD couldn't see AnyDVD any more, or so I suspect. When I tried to load a copy protected DVD into CloneDVD, it said it can't copy thsoe. I went back to any earlier version of AnyDVD and it's fine now.
  6. Charlie

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    I have copied about 50 titles since the last update using clonedvd2 and anydvd.
  7. DetroitBaseball

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    Wow. You must be a serious copier.
  8. fivestones

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    I am all new to this and am learning but each time i see a new download and there has been 3 downloads. I see the next day postes all over help:mad: help:mad: so i was trying to give it a day or 2 and see what others say and how it went for them. So for me now own ill get the down load and do as i did save it for a few days to see what happens. Thanks 5Stones
  9. Charlie

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    Mostly do allot of testing as I own about 15 different backup progies I usually test and the sale the movies ( the originals) as I don't want them but do test them. Plus it makes a good tax write off. :D
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    15 programs great charlie i have AnyDVd,CloneDVD and CloneCD and i wish i could work them i would be happy. But as i work at it ill get better Maybe LOL. Just getting started here.5Stones
  11. Charlie

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    I don't work for slysoft I work for another copying program, I just had slysoft's before the other company arose. I go to school full time too so that's a plus as well.
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    There's nothing wrong with this method of updating. With some other programs I do the same thing.

    Personally, I have no issues with AnyDVD and don't think I've been hit with a bug like many others. If I did, I never saw it.

    Anyway, people can update as they see fit. That's a choice only they can make. My original point was that by not updating because of possible problems I, personally, think a person also gives away the right to complain later if they can't copy a newer release. I'm not saying you complained, btw. I'm just saying this in general. Also, it's possible an existing problem with a movie release was, in fact, fixed in the new version!

    Do what ya gotta do for you :)
  13. giuseppe

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    I Have a problem.... I have Any DVD since 2005... today, and I don't know why .... Anydvd show me a message that tell me: the trial period is expired.
    So what happened???? is the new version ???
    What I have to do? I tried to uninstall Anydvd and reinstall an old version with my Registration key.... (5.1.1.) but I have the same message,,,, "Trial period expired" !!!!!???????
  14. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    What OS are you using and why use anydvd version 5.1.1 up til now?
  15. Webslinger

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    This might possibly be the problem:
    (read Tom's post)