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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Justin Fowles, Oct 24, 2020.

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    The last post was in reply to your second paragraph and to use the "downloadables" button, which doesn't work...
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    But the first paragraph on my post #17 addressed your first image from post 16, which was that page processing error. Post 20 just repeats that. Your image in nr 19 post is directly related to that page processing error.

    Meaning, tomorrow's scheduled build should fix that.

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  3. brawlman

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    is there a timeframe on the scheduled build release?
    Might have been asked elsewhere, or future request, to download by season?
    Does AnyStream have the ability to use downloaded items that are in Prime Video or Netflix folder to speed up the download process?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Yes, read the last line of my previous post again

    Elaborate what you mean by
    Items don't exist in that folder until they finish downloading

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  5. brawlman

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    wasn't sure if you wanted elaborate on scheduled build or Prime/Netflix? so
    1) I'm asking when the scheduled build release time is? Is it a set time of the day?
    2) Can Anystream use files from what was already DL'd folder, or it only downloads fresh from what it pulls from the app? Guessing only the app...
    Either way, it would be nice to DL a season at a time or by batch. I reduced the video to 720p and lowest DD+5.1, which helped compared to 1080P in how long the DL takes
  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    1. No. Redfox doesn't do ETA's. It'll be released when it's ready and not sooner. Without an ETA your can't disappoint when the ETA comes and goes.
    2. As I said, the only files that are in your download folder are finished files. Temp files don't appear in there. Elaborate what your mean by 'app'. If you mean Amazon/Netflix apps, AnyStream can't use those files. So again. There are no temp files in the AnyStream download folder, so there's nothing to 're-use' to speed things up.

    The only files in that folder are finished ones (or is something were to go wrong with the download connection then an incomplete but 'finished' download will be in there.

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  7. Dissones4u

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    AS cannot resume broken downloads, due to internet outage for example, at least not the last time I'd asked anyway. The feature would be a welcomed addition but only after everything else is hammered out. TBH I almost wrote a request a few weeks ago but then I thought that if I have this issue more than once or twice I probably have a problem with my network that I need to fix.
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  8. Waves

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    The issue is on Amazon JP and he’s reload 2 times on movie or series and the error is coming

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  9. johnowen2

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    I'm using 1.0.6 and only get this error if I start by downloading from Netflix first. If I start with Amazon I can download from both.