After new update i can't burn anything

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by doubleb, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. doubleb

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    i downloaded the new update for anydvd and now i can't burn anything.Would anybody now what is going on?is it because they combined anydvd with the new hd version?please help!!
    signed the computer idiot
  2. Webslinger

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    Please answer fully
    especially 3, 8 and 9
  3. doubleb

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    new download won't work

    hi,i have never had a problem after an update download before, but after i downloaded anydvd version it won't work. i'm using it with dvdxplatinum. i have made no changes to the will put the dvd i am burning into my temp file but then will not burn it to my blank disc.i have tried it with movies i have burned before and it still won't work.can anybody help me in easy to follow instructions?i am not very good with computers.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
  4. litlbit

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    I have and I use xcopy express and since I heard of all the problems with the updates, because it's anyDVDHD. (unless I'm wrong) I'm sticking to, cause I have no problems with it. You might want to stick with your previous version if you didn't have any problems before. Just my opinion.
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    how do i go about doing that?
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    Double Posting

    @ doubleb,

    Please do not make Forum Double Postings.

    In your AnyDVD HD Forum Posting titled “After new update i can't burn anything” you made essentially the same posting as this posting.

    Forum Member Webslinger responded to you but you failed to answers the question he asked of you. Answer the questions Forum Member Webslinger asked in AnyDVD HD Forum Posting and Forum Members will attempt to assist you.


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    i'm just not that technical i need the answers in plain language.i'll try though.i don't know the models and stuff is the problem when i try to answer.i will go back and try to answer. thanks and sorry
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    Hi :)
    To all
    Duplicate posts are 'against rules'. So Coaster good point.
    However this can be a simple mistake, easily rectified.
    One can be deleted - moved - merged.
    If any user notices this type of posting. PM me as well with all links references. So I can perform one these functions.
    These threads have been merged.
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    Hi :)
    Welcome to the forum.:clap:
    If you simply updated (nothing wrong with that). Maybe uninstall (completely) then reinstalling could help on this ocassion.
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    once again sorry

    i am very new to this and i did not mean to upset anybody i was just thinking i could post in a different chat room anydvd instead of anydvd hd that's all.once again i'm sorry. honest mistake
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    Hi :)
    @ doubleb. No problems here.
    I had a problem deciding where to merge to. This problem is AnyDVD related. But the HD aspect might have an affect. So in order to get widest response (& not because I believe it has any to do with AnyDVD HD itself) I plumbed for AnyDVD HD forum.:D