1158, D+, Home Page won't Load

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by RickDR, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. RickDR

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    First downloading media on all other providers at same time.

    Second, select D+ homepage is blank except for D+ emblem, Current profile, and search box. I logout then login in, same thing. I kill/restart AS after downloads done, same. Have been DLing on D+ no problems on 1157.

    I log on to D+ in browser to verify account is in good standing, everything is fine there.

    After turning off D+ in settings, restarting AS, and then reselecting D+, when I entered D+ tab got the message "page content could not be retrieved"
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  2. psychonscious

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    I've been having the same issue in 1157, even tried "turning it off and on again" :)
    Log file attached for developers to investigate

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  3. Pete

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    Disney changed their protocol. An updated version is coming up.
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