1092 Crash / D+ popup / D+ downloads use wrong download template / Disney+ Foldername / Amazon Logo

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    Disney+ Crash & lockup

    Testing current beta i was able to download 1 episode from the mandalorian. The provider was immediately enabled but when clicking on the Disney+ tab after some delay i was greeting with "provider setup failed" or something. Disabling and enabling then showed the netflix style login window and i was able to login.

    I was then able to download a massive 1 episode before the 2nd one would get stuck at 0% eventually crashing AnyStream (dump file attached). Subsequent launches of AnyStream now while i'm logged in, immediately prompt with "provider setup failed", locks up AnyStream to the point where it crashes (again, this time WITHOUT dump. It just locks down). I had enabled the debug window and could see "error 301 redirect protocol "" unknown.

    After 3 more times trying i could grab the 2nd episode (and subsequent episodes). with a few exceptions


    S1E7-8,S02E01, S02E03, S02E04 will NOT download on 1st & 2nd try. Had to try at least 3 times for these


    Anystream log attached

    Series PopUp window doesn't reopen:

    Going by the fact that this seams like the same approach as with netflix, i expected the season window popup to open, it did not.

    D+ Wrong file template

    I also noticed that TV EPISODES where getting placed under the "Movies" subfolder instead of series. My download templates are "%p/Movies/%t" and "%p/Series/%n/S%s/%n - S%sE%e - %t". EVERYTHING currently gets thrown under the same movies folder. Whether i download a "mandalorian" episode or "WandaVision"

    Disney+ downloads seem to use the movies template as they end up in "F:/AnyStream/disney/Movies/..... all titles instead of "F:/AnyStream/Disney+/Series/The Mandalorian/<insert titles>"

    Disney+ Folder name:

    Any chance you could change the Streaming provider folder name for Disney+ from just "disney" (with a small D), to the actual provider name "Disney+"?

    Amazon Logo:

    Amazon prime logo is now also black background with blue text on a purple AS GUI making it near impossible to see/read

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  2. Pete

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    A log file from that situation would be super interesting.

    The other issues - I sort of believe they may be related. Not sure.
    I'll add more logging.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    That's gonna be hard to reproduce, only happened once so far. Will keep an eye out for it.

    Just tried to grab an episode of "Legends", UI was slow to open the series playlist > Click download on an item > more delay before the item playlist opens > click download > more delay until the popup vanishes > download never starts. Logfile attached.

    UI was quick to close entirely, reopening AS and retrying that same item, download starts immediately. Logfile attached for that too

    Just noticed beta .3 will monitor this.
    Logfile attached for a download that stalled at 17%

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Just an update on this, based on release 1100


    No crashes so far on my end.

    Series Popup Window:

    Still doesn't reopen on D+ side

    D+ Folder Name:

    Still uses "disney" instead of Disney+ (+ sign is a valid folder/filename character)

    Amazon Prime Logo:


    Still very dark and barely readable compared to even the netflix one. Previous version with white "video" was better)