1. D

    Looking for PowerDVD 8 HD-DVD Reloaded edition

    Good afternoon. I saw a forum about an old software that I'm trying to find via this forum: I was wondering if anyone still has the installation files for this as I am currently looking...
  2. DeepSpace

    Bug - available disc space

    I'm running AS and was downloading a series on Amazon. I haven't checked for available disc space but was simply going trough the episode list instead. Season 1 was good, but after S2 Ep 2 the disc was too filled up to hold another file. But instead of an error message AS was continuing...
  3. R

    Create bootable dvd

    What is the recommended tool to create a bootable dvd with Windows ISO? I tried Windows DVD USB Download Tool but it just wasted a bunch of dvds, lol. that sucks.