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Discussion in 'Mobile Devices' started by roisench, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. roisench

    roisench New Member

    What is the recommended tool to create a bootable dvd with Windows ISO? I tried Windows DVD USB Download Tool but it just wasted a bunch of dvds, lol. that sucks.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Euhm the official 'windows media installation tool' you can grab from Microsoft themselves. At least for win 10. Anything before, the bootable iso + Rufus.

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  3. roisench

    roisench New Member

    Rufus can't burn DVD according to their official statement
  4. looperas

    looperas New Member

    I don't know why the Rufus didn't help you.this program is simpler than the Rufus program, follow its prompt carefully,
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  5. Terramex

    Terramex Well-Known Member

    Sound like you alraedy have the ISO. So just use ImgBurn -> 'Write image file to disc' (btw. don't download ImgBurn from the official Mirror #7 as it holds Adware).
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  6. roisench

    roisench New Member

    this will create bootable disk without additional settings?
  7. Terramex

    Terramex Well-Known Member

    Usually every Windows ISO is bootable, so any program capable of burning ISOs should do that without additional settings.