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    I'm running AS and was downloading a series on Amazon.
    I haven't checked for available disc space but was simply going trough the episode list instead.

    Season 1 was good, but after S2 Ep 2 the disc was too filled up to hold another file.
    But instead of an error message AS was continuing the download when I told it to download Episode 3 and 4.

    The episodes are 5,4 GB, but the 3rd one was only till 3GB.
    Actually the 4th part was supposed not even to start because, well, 0 bytes left, but it did.
    I only noticed this because I did open the Explorer to check something.
    Also the last logfile (episode 2) was 476 kb, but the 3rd one only 1kb.
    In theory the 4th episode should be at 0 bytes as well as the log file, but I deletet something and so the episode is 40MB and the log 1kb.

    I don't know anymore but I think I disabled the check for avaible space in Windows itself sometimes ago, this could affect AS (I already wrote about disc space some month ago I think).

    I haven't abortet anything and createt a log after the 4th episode. Also, AS is still running and I haven't deletet the broken files yet, so tell me if you need something or if I can delete this.

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    Sorry for double-post the log, I thought it was not selected so I did it again.
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