1. SystemIdleProcess

    [Request] Auto Selection Settings

    I'm sorry if I missed someone else requesting this, I searched but couldn't find it. It would be nice if we could set preferences related to the auto selected video and audio options on the download screen. Video: I know video could be a little difficult because I have found that it's not...
  2. W

    DVD Region not set

    In the status section of AnyDVD HD, it tells me that the region is not set. See below. But in Device Manager, the drive DVD Region says that the Current Region is Region 1. So, is AnyDVD not seeing the settings right? How can I get AnyDVD to see my Region? Thanks, Jeff...
  3. R

    Want to learn more about BD Rebuilder

    Is there a web source for learning details about using BD Rebuilder? For example: in Settings for video encoding, I want to know what are the advantages of selecting either two-pass or one-pass encoding; if one pass, is CRF or ABR better? Another example of user info that I want: what is the...