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Aug 11, 2007
Is there a web source for learning details about using BD Rebuilder?

For example: in Settings for video encoding, I want to know what are the advantages of selecting either two-pass or one-pass encoding; if one pass, is CRF or ABR better?

Another example of user info that I want: what is the best specification of various audio encodings in Settings>Setup?

Yet another question: how much difference in video quality between the setings of "High" and "Highest (very slow)" for commercial Blu-Ray discs?

Is there a web tutorial for BD Rebuilder that can answer these questions and more?

My version of BD Rebuilder is 0.50.11
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You're on the wrong forum for that. The official home for bdrb is at doom9. Any questions you have about it are best placed there for the best and fastest answers. Bdrb is not a slysoft product.

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